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Navy Wants Big East Exit Fee Raised Before Joining the Conference

Navy to the Big East has once again hit a snag. The Midshipmen would like a guarantee of solidarity from the remaining six football schools in the Big East. That guarantee should come in the form of a raised exit fee. As an earlier post stated, bumping the exit fee up from $5 million to the neighborhood of $17-20 million was rejected.

Commissioner John Marinatto tried to get something done which would have allowed at least one expansion candidate to be comfortable enough to join. It did not work.

The two sides, the Big East and Navy, are at odds over expansion. The Big East wants to add Navy and then talk about raising the exit fee. Navy is hesitant to join until the exit fee is raised. Navy will play Rutgers (one of the schools pushing for expansion first) on Saturday. 

What do you think is going to happen with this situation? Is Navy going to say no once and for all once they find out the exit fee raise isn't going to happen? If Navy says no, fat chance getting Air Force in the Big East. We'll update you when we find out more on the slow disintegration of the conference.