The Myopic Morons of the Catholic Basketball League

Shortsighted! Idiots! What else would you call conference presidents?

1.       That allow clandestine meetings with only the non-basketball universities and the BE commissioner and similar meetings of the football playing schools (That's a sure way to show conference solidarity to rest of the nation).

2.       That will not allow autonomy to the football playing schools in adding new members and insist that new members can be football-only(A sure way to attract quality schools).

3.       That allowed Notre Dame to dump its basketball program and non-revenue sports into the conference without sharing its football revenue and even allowing ND to share the BE revenue (ND should have been made to pay for the opportunity).

But wait! I have it! An epiphany! A revelation! The perfect Solution!

It is a solution that will make everyone happy and solve the conference's woes. Allow current BE football playing members to be football-only members in the new super-conferences and play the rest of their sports in the BE. Notre Dame has set the precedent and surely the fine upstanding Catholic presidents will grant current football schools the same Special Dispensation they gave Notre Dame.

Notre Dame will be happy. It can remain independent and still play in the BE.

The basketball-only schools will be happy. No new basketball members and they can retain their existing members.

      The football playing schools will be happy. They can tap into that conference media money and not have to share with the BE. They will not have to worry about the long travel expenses of their basketball and non-revenue sports. Everything will be status quo. Gosh! Rutgers and Uconn could join the Pac 12 and form the Atlantic-Pacific conference. The first trans-continental conference!

     The super-conferences would be happy, new media markets in football and no headaches after football season.

Perhaps the presidents of the Catholic Basketball League aren't the myopic morons, I had thought. I'll bet this was those intelligent presidents' plan all along, but being so elite,  they didn't think it had to be shared with the rest of the world. But then, that would, still make them shortsighted idiots!

Wouldn't it?

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