November 1st D-Day for the Big East

For the Big East, November 1st, 2011 will a day that will go down in infamy. 

Or at least it should be. At this point, we all know the possible teams:

Sothern Methodist -  TX - University of Houston - TX - Air Force Academy - CO - 
Boise State - ID - Naval Academy - MD - University of Central Florida - FL - 

We know which teams are leaving: 

West Virginia University - WV - Syracuse University - NY - University of Pittsburgh - PA
Texas Christian University - TX

What we would all like to know is when the invites are going to happen.
If you live and die with UCF, you would believe that the invites are coming tomorrow. One could also assume that the filing of the Lawsuit by West Virginia was to slow the The Big East roll. Such a move could help to give credence towards their interpretative of the by-laws that the claim is based on. The regents of Houston are leading most to believe that the informal invites have been made, and the weekend rumor mill churned u many nuggets that would suggest that John Marinatto is doing his diligence to get his duck in a row. 

So why does November 1st mean so much? 
First of all, how about a little excitement for the fan base - I for one could use it!

Secondly - Answer the other questions about other possible teams being invited that are not making the headlines. Those teams being - Memphis, BYU, ECO, and Temple. Memphis and Temple have the cheerleader Rick Pitino on their side and apparently BYU and Bosie have some sort of agreement that they would like to join the same conference together.  November first would go a long way to answering those questions.

The other reason November 1st is such a big deal for the Big East is the TV deal that need to be considered. While most would say it's an absolute long shot, Comcast/NBC/Versus have a pretty good reason to want a piece of the Big East. Not to mention the Big East has pretty good motivation to wanting a piece of NBC... Notres Damn. 

Notre Dame has twice now been in the middle of the conference realignment stopping short of destroying the Big East. First time was when the ACC/ESPN swindled Pitt and Cuse away. ND stepped up to listen to what they had to say about Taking ND. Further defection was avoided. Second time is now when WVU announced they were heading to the Big 12, word that the Irish might consider bringing all of their Olympic programs to the Texas led party.  The significance in that, is that the Big 12 is offering a home to the Irish non football sports, but only if the Irish choose to join the Big 12 once they go into a conference. The Big 12 took only one Big East team when another was using legislative resources to try and be that team to go west. All in all, ND holds the key to the Big East. With NBC in the picture, ND could join that conference and make even more money.

Another reason that Nov. 1st is the D-Day for the Big East, is that basketball is here. This may be the last opportunity to grab some headlines before the kids go one Thanksgiving Break. the Big East needs to act today. We have all waited to long.  

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