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Creighton Crushes DePaul On Senior Night 82-57

Marcus Foster went out with a “bang.”

NCAA Basketball: DePaul at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Marin Maric was really good against Creighton the first time these two teams met. His performance made the first game really close as he added an air of competitiveness to the ordeal. The Jays squeaked out a win, thanks in part to a last second bucket by Marcus Foster, but it was clear that Maric had the Jays’ number down low.

It sent a message to the coaches and frontcourt for the Jays, that perhaps they needed to tweak the gameplan to stymie the foreign born center.

Creighton doubled Maric whenever he touched the ball in the first half. They double teamed the ball handler on pick and rolls, forcing turnover after turnover.

They completely shut down Maric, and with Khyri Thomas’s defensive assignment landing on Max Strus, the Blue Demons didn’t really have any other options to turn to.

With all this mixed into a pot and thrown upon a hardwood surface, add in the extra splash of Senior Nightis, and you can pretty much assume the outcome.

It was a blowout. It was a dirty, beautiful beatdown of epic proportions. Creighton led by 10 at half and quickly doubled that five minutes into the second half.

Marcus Foster did this:

That’s about all you need to know about this game. Pretty cool stuff, huh? I liked it a lot, and have watched it a few times - twice for journalistic purposes and then about forty more times just for fun! Watch it again, you’ll get it.

Did you watch it again?

You should scroll back up and watch it again. Just click on the middle of the tweet and the video should play.

That’s about it. It was a blowout.

I don’t know, here are some tweets I guess?

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