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DePaul v Creighton - Preview

Last home stand for Marcus, Manny, Toby, and Tyler.

NCAA Basketball: Creighton at DePaul Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

How to Watch, Stream, Listen, Follow

Game Time: 8:00pm CT

Location: CenturyLink Center, Omaha, NE


Stream: Fox Sports Go

Radio: 1620AM the Zone & 101.9FM the Keg in Omaha / 670AM in Chicago

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Creighton - Rob Anderson / Creighton MBB / Tom Nemitz / “Patrick Marshall” / Matt DeMarinis / Corey Lathrop / Jon Nyatawa / Fake Blue Crew

Odds & Ends

Creighton opened as a 10.5 point favorite, yet the line has moved to 9 as of this writing. This is according to Odds Shark.

Over/under set at 153.5.

Kenpom predicts Creighton to win this one 82-72 with an 84% chance of victory.

If you’ve got your bookie on the line, ready to place a wager on this sports contest, and you happen to be reading this at the same time, yet they’ve got you on hold because they’re counting their moral emptiness just for good measure, you’re in luck. Hang up the phone, pal. Just do it.

What do you know about your bookie, anyways? They could be related to you somehow and they’ve been pulling this ruse on you to inform the rest of your family that you’ve got a serious gambling problem. They could be your boss, trying to recoup the money they threw away on paying you wages. They could be your ex-lover, finding ways to sabotage you financially after you broke their heart. They could be your priest or rabbi, trying to find a way to get you right with God again. They could be a NSA agent, collecting data on how you waste your hard earned money. They could be president trump, who’s desperately looking for funding to build his stupid wall because Mexico clearly isn’t paying for it. They could be an alien that fucked up and accidentally became a bookie while looking for signs of intelligent life on our blue marble, clearly unimpressed thus far but still seeking a glimmer of hope that maybe you’re not all that stupid and you’ll quit calling it to gamble money. They could be a parallel universe version of yourself, doing a little stock on how shitty you’re doing in this timeline. They could be your “mistake” from high school that’s trying to reap what it’s owed after you put it up for adoption. They could be your neighbor, trying to get revenge after you threw that shitty party with your shitty friends that ended with half their backyard on fire.

Or they could be just some bookie, some real pile of shit, some low life trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get some quick cash instead of investing in themselves. Think about it.

Since We Last Saw One Another

Since February 10th, Creighton and DePaul have diverged on two separate paths. One path is wrought with tragedy and triumph, the other... just tragedy.

Creighton has won games against Bemidji State and Villanova, while dropping games to Xavier, Marquette, and Butler.

DePaul, meanwhile, enjoyed a little bit of success with wins against Providence and Marquette, yet those are bookends to a three game slide against St. John’s, Seton Hall, and Villanova.

Verba de Ludis

This is the last hurrah at the CenturyLink Center for this season, lest some crazy and bizarre events take place that land the Bluejays in the NIT or CBI tournaments.

Regardless, this is it. A season where the Bluejays dominated at home until February 10th, where they dropped their first home game to Xavier, then dropped another just a week later against Marquette.

This is it for the congregate of Omahans to see their Bluejays play in their home arena, the last time it’ll be packed with 18,000+ fans to yell, scream, swear, and get pumped full of joy or anguish.

This is it for the talents of Marcus Foster, Toby Hegner, Tyler Clement, and Manny Suarez to get their fans into a full blown swoon as they attempt to pour in buckets. For Toby and Tyler it’s the finale of a full career in a Bluejay uniform. For Marcus it’s a finale for a team that came on at the right time after spending a couple years in Manhattan. For Manny it’s just a nice visit in a collegiate career wrought with ups and downs. For the four of them, it’s a goodbye and farewell. For the four of them it’s a final opportunity to soak it all in.

This is it for the five Manajays that have spent a better part of their collegiate experience helping men twice their size prepare for major college basketball. Perhaps a thankless task on the surface, the five of them - Peyton Stagemeyer, Tom Digenan, Andrew Birkeland, Kevin Jewell, and the now famous Joe Popovich Jr. - have been gifted the knowledge of a top tier coaching staff that will assist them on their journeys throughout this finite life, whether they’d like to be suit and tie businessmen or adorned in team polos as they climb the coaching ranks.

This is it for the halftime shows, the dollar beer nights, the pregame pump up video in comic book stylings, the timeout contestants bricking half court shot after half court shot, the ‘Cheers’ video during a close game, the halftime conversations with your season ticket neighbors, the drunken stupor into the games and the hangover afterwards, the student section yelling “...home of the JAYS!” at the end of the national anthem, the words of encouragement hurled towards the players even though you’re in the last row of section 204, the words of discouragement hurled towards the officials even though you’re in the last row of section 204.

This is it for a whole helluva lot, and I’ll be damned if it didn’t go by in a flash, as it typically does. Months from now we’ll be reminiscing about all the good and the bad, turning it over in our minds and in conversation like it’s Khyri Thomas eyeing up a lofty pass six feet and ten inches away from him.

This is it for another season at home.

Let’s hope there’s another one nine months from now.

Oh, right, DePaul.

Max Strus, I guess?

Song Of The Day - Dan Auerbach - King Of A One Horse Town