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2016 NBA Draft Profile: Ryan Arcidiacono

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Arcidiacono capped an illustrious career at Villanova with a moment that is forever etched in Philadelphia lore. Now the four-year captain will look to find a home in the pros in tonight's NBA Draft.

Arch ended his senior season averaging 12.5 points on 45% shooting from the field. A solid three-point shooter, he shot just over 39% from deep. Plenty of teams will have a need for an experienced guard in a high tempo offense, but will Arch hear his named called?



One of the most important aspects of Arcidiacono's game is his ball-handling ability. He has solid court vision, a decent shooter off the pick-and-roll, and can create space and find his shot off the dribble, traits NBA offenses are always looking for in point guards. He's no stranger to playing in an uptempo offense, and his ability to handle the point will get him a look from a few teams.


Arch's shooting vastly improved in his final year, averaging a 59% TS% (according to Kenpom) in a loaded backcourt. Always a good three-point shooter, he really worked to tighten up his game inside the arc last season. On 178 shots from 2-point range, Arcidiacono connected on half of them.


Arch walked into Villanova a captain, something Jay Wright says has never been done before at Villanova, and left four years later a captain and a national champion. Faces came and went, but what endured was the leadership of its point guard. He's a tough competitor, and that trickles down to his teammates. BTW, if not for that leadership he commands from his teammates and his opposition, Kris Jenkins probably isn't free behind him for the game winning shot in the natty.



There will be no beat writers hyping up Arch's "sneaky athleticism". There is none. He's not an explosive point guard and he doesn't have a good first step. He can play through those limitations, but he's food to quicker point guards on the floor. His lack of athleticism lowers his ceiling in the pros.


Arch is a tough defender, don't get me wrong. He does a good job of moving, communicating and rotating, but his lack of lateral quickness will put him in a tough spot against guards that like to push the rock.


Arch has worked out for 12 teams, including the Pacers, Jazz, Pelicans, Rockets, Nuggets and the hometown 76ers. The 76ers currently don't own a second round pick, so unless they like Arch enough to trade into the second round, he won't hear his name called to Philly. He could be in play for the Pacers at 50th overall, the Nuggets at 53 and 56, and the Jazz at 52 and 60. If they are unwilling to take a chance, it's a good bet Arcidiacono will wind up with the Sixers summer league team and try to earn a roster spot.