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2016 NBA Draft Profile: Daniel Ochefu

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports



Chef is an ideal power forward, but he has the size to play the 5 in today's NBA. Standing at 6-11 with a 7-3 wingspan, he's long enough to guard stretch 4's and more athletic bigs. He's slim at 245 pounds, but he's tough inside and should find no problem adjusting to the inside game of the pros.


Ochefu is exceptional on the glass, ranking in the top 40 of DR% in the last two seasons, although his numbers on the glass took a hit last season. He pulled down 7.5 rebounds a game last season, and his presence inside makes it easier for perimeter shooters to chuck up the basketball knowing Chef is down low working the boards



Ochefu has never been a great offensive weapon inside. He probably never will. He did make improvements to his game last year, averaging 10 points a game and scoring on 63% of his shots inside the arc. He doesn't take many shots away from the hoop and is limited to inside play, but he's good with his back to the basket, and his length makes him a capable finisher at the rim.


Chef has worked out for a few teams, including the Sixers, Raptors, Clippers, Lakers, Mavs, Rockets, Hawks, Wizards, Magic and Celtics. The Sixers would have to get creative if they want to draft him, as they have no second round pick. Teams will take chances on bigs with upside, so you could see Ochefu in play for the Mavs at 46, the Celtics at 41, 51 and 58, or Atlanta at 54.