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What would a Big East 'Money in the Bank Ladder Match' look like?

WWE will be presenting its annual Money in the Bank pay-per-view, er, live WWE Network special tonight. It's the sixth such edition after the event branched off from WrestleMania back in 2010 and the event has had its fair share of highlights over the years. Its most memorable moment likely involves a match that didn't have grapplers going up for the coveted briefcase, back when CM Punk defeated John Cena in the Rosemont Horizon back in 2011.

To get into the spirit of things, let's look at what a Money in the Bank Ladder Match involving Big East players might look like.

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Maurice Watson Jr., Creighton Bluejays

Mo Watson is first up on the docket here as one of the eight participants in this match. Watson quickly set the world on fire in his first year in the Big East and drew the adoration and admiration from his fans in Omaha, and that quickly spread throughout the conference. Sort of like how AJ Styles, who plied his craft elsewhere, showed up in early 2016 and quickly showed everyone that he belonged and that he was one of the best around. Watson would be an easy favorite to win this matchup, and although there's no truth to the rumor that future Bluejay 'tag team partner' Marcus Foster will be showing up to aid Watson, we're not ruling it out either.

Haanif Cheatham, Marquette Golden Eagles

As he played alongside super freshman Henry Ellenson, while some Big East fans might not know it, Haanif Cheatham was also terrific and could be due for a breakout campaign in 2016. All of the hype was on Ellenson, and for good reason of course as he was one of the best recruits in program history. However, you shouldn't sleep on Cheatham at all. He has all the talent in the world to show out and perform at a very high level if he pieces it all together. If he follows in the same footsteps of, say, Shelton Benjamin when The World's Greatest Tag Team were split up in 2004, then Marquette fans will be in for a treat.

Angel Delgado, Seton Hall Pirates

Every ladder match needs a big man. So, enter Angel Delgado. Delgado has performed very well under Kevin Willard since arriving on campus back in 2014, winning the Big East Freshman of the Year award and having a great sophomore season as well. Delgado now has an even bigger chance to sign with Isaiah Whitehead headed for the NBA. Would he make like big men of the past or present, like say, fellow New Jerseyan Bam Bam Bigelow (RIP)? Time will tell, but this 'Beast from the East' would certainly have the mettle to do it.

Josh Hart, Villanova Wildcats

With a last name like Hart, it's kind of expected that you'd be tabbed in this match. Josh 'The Hitman' Hart might be the best there is in the Big East in 2016 as he stands as the best returning player with Kris Dunn, Ben Bentil, Isaiah Whitehead and teammates Ryan Arcidiacono and Daniel Ochefu having departed. Hart's shot was about as effective as the Sharpshooter was in its heyday, so you'd best beware this 'Excellence of Execution' when he comes rolling down the court.

Kris Jenkins, Villanova Wildcats

A hero who weaved his way into immortality, Kris Jenkins established himself as an icon when he took the final shot of the epic 2016 National Championship game between the Wildcats and North Carolina Tar Heels earlier this April. It would be foolish to think a man of his size couldn't compete in a ladder match, so this was an easy selection. You'd expect UNC fans to give him heat any time he enters the Tar Heel State from here on out, much like you'd see and hear Shawn Michaels get booed out of every building in Canada during the pinnacle of his feud against Bret 'The Hitman' Hart. Like 'The Showstopper' though, we'd expect Jenkins to prove why he's one of the best around and be a top performer in this ladder match if he were netted the opportunity.

Jalen Brunson, Villanova Wildcats

Jalen was a highly touted rookie when he hit the floor in the fall of 2015. Quite quickly, he became a vital role player for the 'Cats and displayed the kind of star power that he's capable of showcasing on a nightly basis. John Cena and Randy Orton too had rapid ascensions after being labeled as the chosen ones, and Brunson, a five-star recruit, certainly carries high expectations with him as well. He won't catch anyone by surprise in this match, much like he won't in his sophomore year, and if he were to claim the briefcase, there'd be no stopping him.

Edmond Sumner, Xavier Musketeers

One half of a dynamic duo in Cincinnati, Edmond Sumner brings an array of athletic talent and ability with him. He's shown off his high-flying abilities on a number of occasions, dubbed #Sumnerslams in the past, so how would the 6-foot-5, 183-pounder shake out in a ladder match? Quite well. High-flying 'cruiserweights' like Sumner have always had a knack for dazzling the crowd in these kinds of matches. Jeff Hardy made a living off it. Evan Bourne, too, and Adrian Neville likely would as well. Sumner fits like a glove here, and would be one to watch.

Who would win? Do you have any other suggestions for this "match?" Let us know! Tweet at us @becb_sbn or talk in the comments below!