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MLB Draft 2016: Big East tracker, results, recap

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend, the 2016 MLB Draft commenced, and while the Big East wasn't so prominently featured as other conferences and high schools around the country, many players still were able to have the thrill of having their names called and be selected by MLB clubs.

Here's a look at all of those from the conference who were picked in this year's draft.


SS Nicholas Lopez - Kansas City Royals (Round 5, 163rd overall)

CF Daniel Woodrow - Detroit Tigers (Round 12, 355th overall)

RHP Nick Highberger - Oakland Athletics (Round 30, 892nd overall)


RHP Matt Smith - Milwaukee Brewers (Round 34, 1,011th overall)

RHP David Ellingson - Seattle Mariners (Round 34, 1,017th overall)

Seton Hall

CF Derek Jenkins - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Round 28, 786th overall)

St. John's

RHP Thomas Hackimer - Minnesota Twins (Round 4, 123rd overall)


Dan Rizzie - New York Mets (Round 13, 400th overall)

SS Andre Jernigan - Minnesota Twins (Round 14, 423rd overall)