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Big East Coast Bias Mailbag #2 - Two for good measure

Here's the second edition of our offseason Friday Twitter mailbag! You guys kept it pretty short this week so let's just jump right in.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Christopher Novak: Interesting question. As of now, we have Ellenson, Dunn, Bentil, Whiteheead, Bluiett, and Hart all gone. That's a big amount of talent that would be washed away from the conference. A huge exodus, really. If they're all gone then I'm not opposed to saying Kris Jenkins or Maurice Watson are the two frontrunners for the award. Kelan Martin and Edmond Sumner could certainly give them chase but if it stays as it is, then Jenkins and Watson are at the top of the chart, imo.

Robert O'Neill: I was tossing this around in my head all week, and then Maurice Watson said on Thursday he'd be returning to Creighton, so I think he's my pick.

Christopher Novak: The matchups honestly lean pretty well towards Big East schools this year. I think what I'm' most intrigued by is Wisconsin-Creighton. Now that we now Mo Watson is coming back he gives the Jays a boost that will be needed to go up against what should be a Top 15-caliber Badgers team that will give them quite a test. I think Villanova takes care of Purdue, St. John's will beat Minnesota, everyone wins in Rutgers-DePaul, and I think Ohio State-Providence is somewhat of a swing game depending on if Bentil comes back. If not, I could see the Buckeyes winning it. On the whole though, the Big East will 'win' the Gavitt Games this year.

Robert O'Neill: I think I have to agree with Chris. The Friars should beat Ohio State with Bentil. Without him? Who knows.

Christopher Novak: I think they're fine as they are right now. If Bluiett comes back... okay, maybe we'll talk.

Robert O'Neill: I think if they want to add a player, they should get to doing it. As we draw closer and closer to the summer, the volume of good players remaining starts to dwindle.