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Twitter Mailbag #4 - The Fantastic Fourth

Christopher Novak: I am, admittedly, not as well versed as I probably should be with Big East baseball like our colleague Alex Sindelar is. I'll take a stab and say the finals of the Big East Tournament.

Robert O'Neill: I, too, am not as up on baseball as I should be. That's something we need to work on.

Christopher Novak: One would have to hope. Our friends at VU Hoops probably are more in the know but you'd have to figure they'd like to do a little better in all areas.

Robert O'Neill: Ideally. Especially now that the Pavillon is getting some renovations, most new money could go to other sports.

Christopher Novak: Hinkle, for sure, is the place you definitely need to get to if you haven't yet. CenturyLink Center Omaha seems like a pretty beautiful venue, too.

Robert O'Neill: Hinkle's awesome. The area around it is pretty cool too. Lotta good restaurants.

Christopher Novak: I think it really depends on the exoduses or lack thereof. If Isaiah Whitehead leaves Seton Hall, coupled with Xavier's losses of Reynolds and Farr, I think that Villanova is the clear cut favorite with or without Josh Hart aboard. They are much too talented and too much of a problem for everyone else.

Robert O'Neill: It's tough to say. Like Chris says, a lot depends on what happens with the draft. I think teams like Creighton and Marquette, who weren't as good last year, may be able to step up this year.

Christopher Novak: If I were a Vienna Beef hot dog with the works? Absolutely.

Robert O'Neill: I have nothing to add here.