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Kids Day recap: UNO 1 - Creighton 2

An intra-city match-up of epic proportions! Summit League! BIG EAST!

This is the second to last recap I'll be writing from TD Ameritrade Park for this calendar year lest Sports Illustrated decides to buy out my BECB contract and have me cover the College World Series. Either that or I get relegated to fiction sports and write about a non existent sports team that plays at the ballpark. I think we all know which is more likely to happen.

This is an interesting series, primarily because of the prominent inferiority complex that the UNO fans exude when it comes to Creighton athletics. In fact, there was a poorly-penned piece from a UNO fan about something, I don't know, read it for laughs and read it to support bloggers everywhere!

The UNO-Creighton rivalry is comparable to the IUPUI-Butler rivalry that everyone is constantly raving about. It's clearly one of the most ferocious rivalries in sport, dating back to that time when UNO took Creighton into overtime during an exhibition basketball game when I was a kid. The tapestry that this rivalry is weaved with only gained momentum in the 2000's when Creighton and UNO shared an arena for their money making sports teams. Some days UNO would play ice hockey, others the Bluejays would shoot hoops. UNO would cover up the upper bowl with a black curtain to honor and respect the Creighton fans who had season tickets up there.

Regardless, this is most certainly a hot and heavy rivalry and we got to revisit it today.

* ~ * ~ *

UNO started the scoring off early when Cole Gruber managed to work a walk and then proceeded to wheel around the bases and end up at home plate after Michael Emodi sailed a throw on Harrison Crawford.

Here's the remainder of UNO's offense, in picture form:


Creighton proceeded to get some runs in the bottom of the fourth inning when they loaded the bases against Maverick pitcher Brett Sasse (no relation to Ben Sasse, or so I've been told) and scored on a Bryce Only single to the left side and a Michael Emodi ground out. That left the score at 2-1. Creighton would proceed to collect an array of hits throughout the game but never could get a wealth of runners to cross home plate. Sure, they'd get runners on the pillows that dot the infield but for some reason they just refused to get them around to that singular destination that's so incredibly important in the world of base ball.

It feels like a great deal of time has elapsed since Creighton has taken full advantage of the runners that achieve a base. I may have aged a great deal, died, was reborn again as a terrible sports writer, and am now existing again since the last time the Bluejays took advantage of RISP.

The LOB Minotaur has been hanging around the Bluejays for far too long. It has now adopted a jersey and has become a regular in the clubhouse. Perhaps Buntatron 2000 has been palling around with the LOB Minotaur and has befriended this devillish foe?

Regardless, the Bluejays won 2-1 against their arch rival UNO. Later today they'll play Nebraska. Stay tuned!


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