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DraftExpress' post-NBA Combine mock draft feature four Big East players

As the Combine concludes, Draft Season heats up.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

As the NBA Draft Combine comes to a close, and the Draft Lottery drawing takes place Tuesday night, DraftExpress has issued an updated 2016 mock draft featuring four Big East players.

Let's take a look.

#4: Kris Dunn, PG, Providence

Dunn has been right around the fourth spot all season on DraftExpress. He fell to fifth during the NCAA tournament, but is back up to four now.

Phoenix has the best odds for the fourth pick in the NBA Draft, but an intriguing spot for Dunn could be Minnesota, who has the best odds for the fifth pick. Reports say Minnesota may be looking to move Ricky Rubio. If true, Dunn, a two-time Big East Defensive Player of the Year, would be a perfect fit in new coach Tom Thibodeau's defensive-minded system.

#13: Henry Ellenson, F, Marquette

This is the lowest Ellenson has been all year, likely because he opted to not workout at the Combine. Instead, Ellenson will schedule workouts with teams following Tuesday's lottery announcement.

He'll likely be drafted in the top 10, but it's interesting to think about this: Phoenix has the 13th pick. If this mock draft goes true to form, Kris Dunn and Henry Ellenson will be teammates.

#45: Ben Bentil, F, Providence

This is where things start to get interesting. 45 is the highest Bentil has been all year, jumping up from 52 on DE's last update.

The Boston Celtics hold the 45th pick, and Danny Ainge was at a ton of Providence games the past two seasons. It was generally thought that he was there to watch Kris Dunn (and because Providence is just a 45 minute drive from Boston), but with Bentil's emergence this season, it's possible that Ainge was watching the big man also.

#58: Isaiah Whitehead, G, Seton Hall

This is actually a step back for Whitehead, who was locked in at 46 for most of the year.

The Boston Celtics have the 58th pick, so Whitehead and Bentil could potentially be teammates. Whitehead's offensive inefficiency may be an issue at the next level, though, leading him back to Seton Hall for (at least) one more year.