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Wally Ellenson "no longer part" of Marquette basketball team

This comes from a report from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Matt Velazquez

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Marquette Golden Eagles guard Wally Ellenson is, apparently, no longer a part of the team, per a report from Matt Velazquez.

There are multiple layers to Wally Ellenson and Marquette. So let's start unpacking.

Firstly: Yes, Wally Ellenson is Henry Ellenson's brother.

Secondly: Wally transferred to Marquette from the University of Minnesota in Summer 2014 because he wanted to play basketball and also focus on track and field. Ellenson is a gifted high jumper, and he holds the Marquette record for such.

Thirdly: Marquette has been doing a lot of recruiting lately, even though they're out of 2016-17 scholarships. On the surface, this seems innocent. But Marquette blog Paint Touches did some connecting of the dots on Wednesday, and it looks like there is, at least a chance, Wally got squeezed out.

Ellenson will remain at the school for Track & Field.