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Game Three Recap: Seton Hall - 5 Creighton - 4

Happy Bunt Appreciation Day! Celebrate by doing some bunt miming in your living room.

For the first time in a week the citizens of the Omaha metropolitan area did not wake up to a gale force wind blasting their face and screwing up their hair. It was a nice morning, with the temperature at 8am matching the high temperature of yesterday at a balmy 54 degrees and a nice, gentle breeze wafting softly to the south. For the first time in a week it felt normal to be outside.

When you endure a gale force wind for more than three days your life begins to feel small, finite. You begin seeing the littered garbage from different parts of the city. Your senses become so used to seeing your asshole neighbor's discarded Funyun bags that, upon seeing a bag of Doritos, you begin to panic with this new feeling of uncertainty.

This same feeling can be applied to this baseball game. For the entire duration of the season, sans the Nebraska game, Creighton has been polished and nearly perfect on defense. Harrison Crawford, who is normally absolutely nails on D, bungled a pretty routine grounder and allowed a runner to score. Ethan DeCaster, one of Ed Servais's high powered arms in the bullpen, balked on only the second batter he faced. After watching game after game of brilliant defense it was awkward to see them sort of fall apart.

Creighton scored the first run of the game on a majestic dong by designated hitter Matt Gandy. It was an absolute laser beam that went well beyond the right field bullpen and landed just below the scoreboard.

Here's a replay:

The Pirates answered back immediately with Derek Jenkins getting aboard with a walk, ended up stealing second, and scored on a base hit by Zack Weigel.

The Jays answered back in the bottom of the fourth with a deep drive by Nicky Lopez which floated over the head of Derek Jenkins and landed Lopez at third. Reagan Fowler didn't miss a beat and drove a high fly ball to right center field, which was caught but was deep enough to let Lopez tag and score from third.

To the top of the fifth, where Keith Rogalla's troubles were inescapable. Rogalla walked the first two batters and was immediately pulled for Ethan DeCaster. Mike Caputo reached on tapper back to the mound that ended in a throwing error by DeCaster; a throw that just pulled Fowler off the bag where he and Caputo collided. Caputo was fine, and the bases were loaded for Seton Hall. DeCaster then balked a few pitches into the next at bat, scoring Ramiz from third. Poduslenko then grounded to Crawford at third, but Crawford bobbled the ball and allowed MOGUES to score. At that point, failing to get an out, DeCaster was replaced by Nick Highberger. Chris Chiradio grounded to Fowler and allowed Caputo to score from third and Jenkins to advance to third. Unfortunately for the Pirates, the inning would end after Jenkins was thrown out at home by Crawford and Weigel grounded out to Fitzgerald at second.

5-2 Pirates.

There would be nothin' but zeroes on the board until the bottom of the eight inning where Prendergast was replaced by Sam Burum. Burum, who came in with a 2.45 ERA in 14.2 innings pitched, proceeded to give up a double to Kevin Connolly. Burum tried to shake it off like that Taylor Swift song but instead he got lit up by Riley Lunduyt, who crushed a ball into the gap in deep left center field. Lunduyt was aided by center fielder Derek Jenkins who muffed the catch and allowed Connolly to score and let Lunduyt get to second. Daniel Woodrow would ground out to get Lunduyt to third. Ryan Fitzgerald would approach the plate and blast a ball to the wall in right where a waiting and patient Ramiz camped under it. It was plenty deep to score Lunduyt and the score was now 5-4 Seton Hall.

John Oltman was brought out to pitch the ninth for the Jays, and pitch he did. He got an out almost immediately but then walked MOGUES. Superstar closer David Gerber was brought in to close it out; and close he did.

The bottom of the ninth was started by Schellenger, Seton Hall's closer. First up was Reagan Fowler, who ground out. Next up was Harrison Crawford, who struck out.

Then, we had Brett Murray. Bottom of the ninth, 2 outs, down one, Murray digs in and hits a sharp ground ball to Chiradio, who fields it cleanly but rushes the throw and sails it by MOGUES letting Murray get to second base. Bamesberger replaced Murray at second as a pinch runner and Matt Gandy stepped to the dish.

Gandy ground out to Mike Caputo, who made a sweet play on a one hopper, and threw out Gandy at first.

Game. Set. Match.

No umpires were hurt in this game.