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2016 NCAA Tournament, Villanova vs. Kansas Elite 8: Chat w/ Rock Chalk Talk

We talked to a Jayhawks' SB Nation blogger about the upcoming Elite Eight encounter in Louisville.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

1. Scouting over Kansas’ KenPom page, there don’t appear to be any weaknesses. What are a few things, if any, that could trip the Jayhawks up in this game?

It's hard to pinpoint a couple things based on what they usually do and what you would see in KenPom. But some things that don't show up are the fact that this team usually starts pretty slow, letting the opponent get out to a bit of a lead and then storming back.

This will be dangerous if it happens against the Wildcats. Injuries are also a concern here, as Devonte' Graham has been sick, and Frank Mason has clearly been hobbled. If those guys aren't firing on all cylinders it may be a long night for the Jayhawks.

2. Defensively, how do you suspect Kansas will take this hot-shooting Villanova team to task?

Most teams would have a hard time matching up with a team that has one guy down low and the rest floating around the perimeter waiting to slash through or jack up a 3. But Perry Ellis gives the Jayhawks the flexibility to play 4 guys on the perimeter, and the guards are quick enough to fight through screens.

It may take some time to truly lock them down, but I'm expecting at least one scoreless stretch for the Villanova in the second half of at least 4 minutes. The real question is going to be if the Wildcat defense can do the same to the Jayhawks.

3. What is a matchup that you think could favor the Jayhawks in this game?

Has to be Landen Lucas against Daniel Ochefu, especially since Ochefu is reportedly nursing an injury. Lucas has continued to develop as the season has progressed, and his presence down low was key in the Jayhawks pulling away from Connecticut and Maryland in the last two rounds. Ellis is going to get his too, but this has to be the biggest mismatch.

4. What is a matchup that you think could harm the Jayhawks in this game?

Ryan Arcidiacono scares me, especially with our two best perimeter defenders not at 100%. I think there would be enough of a struggle to keep him under control of everyone was at full strength. It will take some creative defensive work to keep him from going off.

5. Ultimately, who wins and why?

I have to go with my Jayhawks. Kansas has come through strong against every opponent in the tournament so far, and it's hard to argue that their opponents were soft by any means. Both teams have very strong lineups, but Kansas has a decided advantage with Bill Self at the helm. Jay Wright is no slouch, but Self's in game adjustments are superb and will push them over the top and on to Houston.