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Halftime Notes: NIT Round Two - Wagner 25 - Creighton 46

This is the swan song for the CenturyLink Center for the 2015-16 season.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning reader! Or good afternoon, depending on your timezone. This transmission comes to you from the soon-to-be spaceship of the CenturyLink Center. According to a source I prefer remains anonymous, Omaha has planned to jettison the CLink Center into space after Creighton makes the Sweet 16 for the first time in forever. Then, when in space, the CLink will host the Milky Way Galaxy's greatest games, from the ever so familiar hoop ball to the more exotic taste of Australian football. The Galaxy's best will compete in the arena, and when there isn't an event going on, it will be used to house space garbage.

Wagner came into this game as an underdog, beating previously top seeded St. Bonaventure to advance to this game in Omaha. Creighton took care of business against Alabama to host this game in Omaha, being the higher seed and all. I saw bits and pieces of Wagner-Bonnies, but from what I could tell the Bonnies clearly did not want to be playing in the NIT, the same goes for Alabama as well. Thus, we're left with two teams who actually want to continue to play basketball.

Creighton jumped out early to a pretty sizeable lead, tapping the talents of Geoffrey Groselle and freshman Khyri Thomas, Thomas, who played sparingly in the BIG EAST slate, due to 'confidence' issues (we've all been there), provided the spark in the last game and continued his momentum this morning. Groselle, who was dynamite all season long but occasionally got into foul trouble, also spurred on the Jays in the previous affair and continued that this morning.

On one play, Wagner turned the ball over and eventually let Khyri Thomas run towards the basket with a full head of steam, which was a huge mistake because Khyri greatly enjoys dunking the ball. He dunked it real, real good.

Wagner just doesn't have the size to matchup with Creighton. The Jays managed to out rebound them by a pretty good margin and scored ~50% of their points in the paint. The Bluejay defense continued its voracious style of play by eviscerating Wagner's dribble drive and forcing them to take poor shots. This left Wagner with almost zero offense and let Creighton build their lead higher and higher.

If Wagner wants to win this game, it'll take a miracle.