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LOOK: ESPN Twitter account hypes up BIG EAST Tournament, then promptly deletes tweet


Mike Windle/Getty Images

The BIG EAST Tournament is in full swing, and its former TV rights carrier had... an interesting day.

During the Villanova-Georgetown, as pointed out by a follower of our BECB Twitter account, ESPNU aired the "Requiem for the Big East" 30 for 30 documentary.

Upon noticing this, I decided to see for myself.

Sure enough, there it was!


So, let's flash forward a few more hours. Seton Hall-Creighton is going on, and Cole Huff is putting on a show, Seton Hall is being Seton Hall, and it, all told, has been a fun time. The type of game worthy of praise that makes you think that the BIG EAST Tourney is pretty dang great, even in spite of the chalkiness of it so far. And--

Wait a minute.


The tweet by the E:60 was promptly deleted. Initially, I thought I lost out but my partner in crime Rob came in clutch with the screenshot, thus making this post possible. So tip your cap to him for this.

It's okay to miss us, ESPN. But dang, no need to play hard to get. That's just rude.