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Recap: Creighton ends slide, beats DePaul

DePaul beat Providence, Providence beat Creighton, Creighton beat DePaul. Thus, Creighton is champion? Whatever. Jays win 88-66.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Remember your first car? Sure, it was total hunk of junk, but it got you to all your mischievous juvenile events that allowed you to make a whole bunch of mistakes that you think about right before going to bed. Perhaps it got you to your first date, maybe it got you to your first job, but you loved that rusted out pile of garbage on wheels like you loved that childhood television program you watched.

Eventually you had to sink a great deal of money into it; an investment that put a big ol' dent into your money surplus that you originally planned on using for more juvenile ventures. You sat there waiting for the final diagnosis in the cramped auto shop, with cheap coffee and the smell of exhaust wafting gently in the air. You sat there and pondered what exactly a variable timed electronic combustion meant and why exactly you were burdened with getting it fixed. Like a time belt snapping, your patience wore thin and you eventually had to get mom or dad to pick you up; maybe you even had to use your own two legs to carry you home. For a week you were driven to and from school as if you were a middle schooler again; your freedom locked away and being toyed with by a guy whose hands are beaten and greased.

Soon enough, though, your chariot was fixed, and your appreciation for your motor vehicle was renewed with a sense of relief. Finally, you thought to yourself as you drove it off the mechanic's lot, you get to continue your pursuit of immature deeds.

Over the past three games, Creighton basketball has been in the auto shop. Their engine wasn't firing, the spark plug seemingly missing, the team dragged down by a flat tire or two. Then, as if getting out of that greasy mechanic's shop, it roared with a vengeance against an exhausted DePaul team.

With a rebounding advantage of +18, Creighton played a physical, hard nosed style of defense with an offensive output that netted them 88 points on 30-58 shooting. For the first time in what seemed like an eternity, the Jays dumped in nine three pointers, four of them belonging to Cole Huff. When the Blue Demons got on a bit of a run, the Bluejays halted it and answered back almost every single time.

DePaul was playing with a severe hangover and it showed. After downing #11 Providence on Tuesday and blowing the Friars out on the boards, DePaul limped into this game seemingly gassed and with a broken spirit. Their rebounding prowess was nowhere to be found, and the only shining light for the Blue Demons would be senior forward Myke Henry, who was a matchup nightmare for the Bluejays. Henry managed to score 22 points on 8-17 shooting and played 38 minutes tonight, occasionally getting Mo Watson on the defensive end and simply shooting over the top of him.

Meanwhile for the Jays, junior forward Cole Huff got going halfway through the second half and managed to pour in an wealth of points as he scored 28, collected 3 steals and managed to wrangle 4 rebounds. Mo Watson was able to find his shooters again, leaving a lot of pressure off his shoulders to try to force things to happen, and collected 12 points and dropped 9 dimes. The rest of the Bluejay squad collected 3 steals.

The Bluejays seemingly got out of the shop today, and appear to be ready to play the remainder of this season. Let's just hope that they don't need to replace a catalytic converter, otherwise the dream of a postseason will blow up faster than a Gremlin revving at 5000RPMS.