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Halftime Notes: DePaul v Creighton

Creighton leads DePaul 43-27.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Creighton has been pretty 'meh' energy wise the past four or so games. Their defense hasn't been great and the push to do more energy-wise has been evident, but lacking. Until now it's almost as if they played too tight, playing their game with a great deal of thought and not necessarily trusting their instincts.

Today, they've turned it around.

In the first six minutes the Jays scrapped and fought for every board including a series where Khyri Thomas managed to get his paws on a ball he did not have a real good chance at, but forced a jump ball. It was marvelous to see such energy. It was also a pleasure to see both Isaiah Zierden and Geoffrey Groselle - both questionable before the game - start and play, though sparingly.

DePaul, who managed to knock off #11 Providence, came out as if they just played 40 minutes against a heavyweight opponent. They're just a little slow, a little less aggressive. Myke Henry is playing well, as usual, and is leading the Blue Demon charge.

Cole Huff began playing some really good basketball as we hit the 3/4 point in the first half, cashing in on a 4-point play, managing to pop a mid range jumper with a man in his face, then stole the ball and promptly dunked it on the other end. It's good to see Cole Huff get back to his normal self, waking up from the two month coma he seemed to be in.

The Jays ended the half shooting 13-21 from the field, including a 18 point outpour from Huff.

Here's the full stats from the first half: