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Halftime Notes: St. John's v Creighton

Bluejays are destroying the Red Storm.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

It's senior day in Omaha so let's look back on all the memories we've created together over the past ~5 months:


Wow, that was a lot of fun. Lots of laughs and love, and we've been through it together. Creighton and St. John's are currently participating in a sport where one team must score more points than the other. Great stuff.

Geoffrey Groselle sort of exploded like a star succumbing to heat death, scoring 8 of Creighton's first 10 points and ultimately setting the tempo for the first six minutes of the game. St. John's had no answer for him and resorted to letting the Jays beat 'em up in the paint. To change it up a bit, Creighton let James Milliken shoot a three - which he made.

St. John's managed their productivity by utilizing back door cuts to get to the basket. On a few occasions they managed to shoot and make some long twos and got a whole lot of production from Christian Jones.

There was a point in time where Federico Mussini met Mo Watson Jr., near the top of the key. Watson began dribbling towards the basket, which Mussini anticipated as his feet began a shifting quickly backwards. Watson faked left, where a pick was awaiting his arrival, changing Mussini's momentum. Watson then went right and picked up two easy points on a wide open lane to the basket. Watching Mussini panic and attempt to properly play defense on Watson, who has a great deal of speed and explosiveness, is quite telling of how hard it is to defend Watson.

Needless to say, Mussini was no longer guarding Mo afterwards.

Cole Huff and James Milliken decided to have a three point shooting contest mid game, which would be troubling if the Marquette game from Wednesday was still fresh in your mind, but alas they did not miss much and went 7-8 from three. It was good fun. St. John's went on a ~6 minute scoring drought midway through the first half, and by the time they scored again the Jays had mounted a 23 point lead.