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Halftime Notes: Marquette 39 - Creighton 29

A game of streaks thus far. No, not steaks. Streaks. With a 'R'.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Marquette started the game going 6-of-7 from the field, building a 13-4 lead early over Creighton. TOBY! Hegner proceeded to miss two straight threes that sandwiched a Mo Watson make, leading to a dry spell and letting Marquette capitalize on their lead a bit.

Things began to turn around for the Jays when Cole Huff and Khyri Thomas entered the game. Khyri ran a pick-and-roll and threw a lob to Zach Hanson that ended their scoreless spell. Then, Cole Huff scored the next 8 points and the game was tied at 17-a-piece.

From then on the game teeter tottered much like it did in the first game just 11 days ago. It was a majestic showing by both teams, going on some impressive runs to keep the game within striking distance for both teams.

Jajuan Johnson came up huge for the Golden Eagles, scoring 11 points during his time on the court in the first half while Ellenson was his normal elite self.

The Bluejay defense seemed to be bitten with a bug that's hurt them seemingly all year where they always seem to leave a shooter open on the wing who happens to be locked and loaded. Johnson got a lot of these looks, which accoutns for most of his points.

Creighton's offense was stymied by a collection of bad turnovers in an attempt to push the tempo that lead directly to points for Marquette. They weren't pretty turnovers, but given Marquette's shallow bench the Jays will have to hope to wear them down as the game goes on in the second half.

Here are your halftime stats: