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A very special edition of #TwitterTuesday

Since we didn't get to do Monday Takeaway on Monday OR Tuesday, let's take the time to answer your questions.

Chris Novak: Win, win, win and hope that a few other dominoes fall. That's all that they can keep doing. The win over Xavier was superb and very much helps their chances but they still have a few more hurdles to climb over to get to The Big Dance. Winning a few games in the BIG EAST Tournament wouldn't hurt, either.

Robert O'Neill: Chris nailed it. The Bluejays need to pick up a few quality wins down the stretch. They still play Butler, Xavier, and Providence, so they have chances, but they're going to need to capitalize on said chances

Chris Novak: Oh man. It's gonna be a hell of a race and I'm excited just thinking about it. Off the bat, I think Josh Hart is probably going to be it. But he'll have challenge from Ben Bentil and Trevon Bluiett. Don't forget about Maurice Watson Jr. either and as a darkhorse, Kelan Martin makes a tonnage of sense.

Robert O'Neill: The problem with answering second is Chris took all my guys. Coming in I thought Hart, Bentil, and Watson, but since Chris named all three of those guys, I guess I'll have to think of someone else. I think two guys that could surprise a lot of people next season are Isaiah Whitehead and Angel Delgado. Whitehead had been incredibly impressive in his first season at point guard, and Delgado's numbers are strikingly similar to last season, which were good as well.

Chris Novak: My personal favorite is Multi Grain Cheerios with some bananas. But I think Frosted Flakes is tops. Has any other cereal mascot made a cameo in The Breakfast Club? I don't think so.

Robert O'Neill: I try to watch how much sugar I eat, so from an every day perspective I'm a Raisin Bran guy. However, on the weekends I'll generally have a bowl of Frosted Flakes or Reese's Puffs.

Chris Novak: Methinks - Dunn, Hart, Bluiett, Bentil, Ochefu

Robert O'Neill: Can't argue there. Although if the BIG EAST chooses to not go with standard positions, I could see Ellenson edging out Bluiett.