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Best president to attend every Big East school

The Big East's institutions have a long and storied history loaded with presidents. Technically.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In honor of Presidents Day, we figured it was only fitting to take a look at the best president to attend every Big East school. I know what you're thinking, "I don't think DePaul (or other non-Georgetown schools) ever produced a President of the United States".

Guess what? You're right! That's why we had to get creative. Enjoy!


David Starr Jordan, first President of Stanford University

Our story begins with someone I had never heard of an hour ago, but I'm certainly glad I have now.

Jordan, born in New York in 1851, graduated from Cornell with a degree in Botany before going to Butler to continue his education. After getting his PhD. from Butler, he was named President of Indiana University.

After a few unremarkable years in Bloomington, Jordan was named the first President of the newly founded Stanford University.

Jordan's story is pretty cut and dry. Until we get to the part where he may have poisoned (or, at the very least, covered up the poisoning) one of his Stanford co-founders.

Wait, what?

In January 1905, Jane Stanford "consumed mineral water that tasted bitter" and forced herself to purge it from her system. Her maid and secretary both tried it and agreed, and the water was sent to a lab for further analysis. A couple weeks later, the findings concluded that she was, in fact, poisoned. Stanford, naturally, was shaken by the incident, firing her maid and vowing to never return to San Francisco.

As such, Stanford relocated to Hawaii, where, on February 28, she placed a call requesting some baking soda to settle her stomach. Almost instantly, she knew she had been poisoned and was unable to purge it from her system this time, passing away that night.

What does David Starr Jordan have to do with this?

Almost immediately after finding out about Stanford's death, Jordan sailed to Hawaii and hired a doctor to examine Stanford. That doctor ruled the cause of death was heart failure, not poisoning, even though she had no symptoms of heart failure.

At best, Jordan acted the way he did to protect the reputation of Mrs. Stanford and Stanford University.

At worst, something far more sinister took place.


Donald Keough, former President of Coca-Cola

Keough doesn't have quite the sordid past as Jordan, but he still has a pretty neat story.

The Iowa native and Creighton grad was the President of Coca-Cola following the New Coke debacle, and got America's Favorite Soda back in good graces.

He also was pals with Warren Buffett, serving on the Berkshire Hathaway board following his time with Coke.


Daniel Ustian, former President of Navistar, Inc.

It's really quite a shame that DePaul doesn't have a more extensive list to choose from, because Ustian was kind of a jerk.

Navistar, a semi truck engineering company, did pretty well under Ustian, until the end.

In 2012, Ustian abruptly resigned his post. It was later revealed that he had convinced the company to spend, "hundreds of millions of dollars on unproven, unapproved technology". Which led to high fines among other things.

Since Ustian's retirement, Navistar has struggled mightily, and may be forced to eventually shut down.

DePaul lost.


Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States

Politics aside, you had to see this coming.

After all, Presidents Day is to honor former Presidents of the United States, and Clinton fits that bill.

This is the last website on the Internet where we should discuss politics, though, so enjoy this video of Bill Clinton slaying on the saxophone on Arsenio Hall Show in 1992.


Bob Harlan, former President of the Green Bay Packers

Harlan reigned over the Packers during their 90's reemergence, and led the charge to their continued dominance.

He spearheaded the construction of the first indoor practice facility in the NFL, made the decision for all eight home games to be played at Lambeau Field (thanks to a massive renovation), and hired Ron Wolf as general manager.

Harlan is also the father of Kevin Harlan.


Brian Burke, President of Hockey Operations for the Calgary Flames

Burke has worked for a few other teams (including the 2006-07 Stanley Cup Champion Anaheim Ducks), but he's currently manning the ship in Calgary.

Burke was captain of the Friars' hockey team during his time in Providence. That team was coached by former New Jersey Devils President/GM/Coach Lou Lamoriello, who could also hold this spot on this list.

Burke was inducted to the Friars Hall of Fame this past weekend.

Seton Hall

Bart Oates, President of the New Jersey Hall of Fame

Former New York Giant and San Francisco 49er Bart Oates?

Yes, former New York Giant and San Francisco 49er Bart Oates.

Although he went to Brigham Young, after his time in the NFL wrapped up, Oates settled in New Jersey and got into real estate. The foray into real estate led to Oates obtaining his JD from Seton Hall Law School.

In addition to real estate, Oates is the President of the New Jersey Hall of Fame, a hall of fame for New Jerseyans.

St. John's

Patricia Fili-Krushel, President of ABC Television Network

Had former New York Governor Mario Cuomo ran for President in 1992, there's a good chance he would be on this list and Bill Clinton may not.

As such, St. John's representative is a television titan.

Fili-Krushel has an impressive list of TV networks on her resume: HBO, Lifetime, and NBC before her time at ABC.

She is also a member of W.O.M.E.N. In America.


Chris Gheysens, President of Wawa

This one is a no-brainer. Have you ever been to Wawa? It'll absolutely change your life. If Chris Gheysens ran for President of the United States on the platform, "I was the President of Wawa", I'd ask him why he's looking for a downgrade of a job.


Charles Geschke, President and Co-Founder of Adobe

Without Adobe we wouldn't have Photoshop.

Without Photoshop we wouldn't have Crying Jordan. No brainer here.

In addition to being a great technological mind, Geschke also serves on the board of the San Francisco Symphony.