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Halftime Notes: Creighton 25 - Marquette 25

Boring basketball means we get to interact more and enjoy one another's company.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

This game started out as innocently as it could, with Creighton rolling out to a 15-5 lead by the first media timeout. Within that time we saw a couple threes by Huff, a drive by Milliken, and a couple drives to the hoop by Watson. The following ~4 minutes featured zero points by Creighton and a 10-0 run by Marquette, which featured baskets by Cheatham, Carter, and Ellenson.

From that point on it was a back and forth affair that featured a handful of offensive fouls, bad turnovers, poor shooting (especially from 3), and a frenetic pace to move it along. We saw Ellenson do a great deal of damage as his one decent opposition Creighton had to offer in Geoffrey Groselle was dinged with a couple fouls early on, sentencing him to the bench.

Marquette's half court offense was met with a hefty amount of pressure early on from Creighton, as the Bluejay D seemed to pressure the ball handler upon reception.

Marquette's defense wasn't neccessarily all that stout, as they let the Bluejays shoot a great deal of open shots that they just couldn't make.

The pace and low score will favor the Golden Eagles, but if Creighton manages to bang through some of those open jumpers in the second half the tide will shift pretty quick.