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Elon vs. Georgetown 2016 final score: Hoyas pick up third straight victory in defeat of Phoenix

It was perhaps too much of a struggle for their liking, but wins are all the same, right?

NCAA Basketball: Radford at Georgetown Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Georgetown picked up their third straight victory on Sunday in the form of a 77-74 victory over the Elon Phoenix.

The Phoenix and Hoyas traded blows for much of the first half. The visitors held an early lead on the home team, but the Hoyas were able to bounce back towards the end and tie the game going into the half. After the intermission, Georgetown exploded out of the gate and built up a big lead but would soon see that crumble as time dwindled down.

The Hoyas however were able to survive the late onslaught and escape with a victory, their fifth of the season, to put them back over the .500 mark.

Three things we learned:

Rodney Pryor still hasn’t cooled down

Maybe we shouldn’t expect the Robert Morris transfer to do so any time soon. He’s adjusting very well to high-major hoops and sans his one slip up against Maryland, he’s yet to have an extremely poor game. While Pryor might be playing on a team that has a record barely over .500, he deserves a lot of credit and attention for the things that he’s doing for this Hoyas team. He’s been by far their most prodigious offensive player and if you haven’t taken notice, you might want to start.

The Hoyas’ 3-point defense will need some sharpening

Usually good, Georgetown’s perimeter defense wasn’t up to snuff on Sunday afternoon. Elon shot almost 40 percent from beyond the arc, finishing with a 39.3 percent mark on 28 attempts. It hummed Georgetown’s 3-point FG% allowed to 30.6 percent which puts them at a respectable mark of 70th in the country, but they will have to perform better considering that tougher opponents lie ahead.

Rebounding is still an issue

The Hoyas had an OR% of just 14.8 percent in the victory over the Phoenix on Sunday afternoon. That’s a pretty ghastly mark for a team that wasn’t doing all that well on the glass to begin with. While their OR% is now at 32.2 percent on the year, rebounding has consistently been a problem for the Hoyas. Just usually on defense. Sunday’s performance wasn’t great on the offensive glass, and improvement in that area will also have to happen for Georgetown to continue their winning ways.