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Central Arkansas vs. Butler 2016 final score: Bulldogs roll through Bears

After a tight start to the game, Butler flexed its muscles and improved to 8-0.

Rick Bowmer/AP

The Dawgs continue to blow through all their competition, and that stretch of dominance continued in Saturday’s decisive 82-58 win over Central Arkansas.

Central Arkansas kept it slightly close towards the end of the first half, being down by only a couple of possessions. But Butler continued to build on their lead throughout the second half in order to notch the expected W.

Kelan Martin led the way with 30 (!) points and six rebounds. Tyler Wideman also chipped in 10 points and 10 rebounds for a double-double, his first of the year. Kethan Savage also dished the ball out a team-high six times during the game as well.

Three things we learned

Martin is still in high contention for Player of the Year

Martin is still the man and always will be the man. He’s likely to continue this performance all season and be a key reason for the Dawgs’ overall successes so far this season. Shooting 50 percent from the field today is also very good.

Wideman is consistent

Wideman also continues to be a balanced and consistent player for the Bulldogs. He puts in steady minutes and steady game performances. Today, he just decided he wanted to do a little bit more and notch a double-double. When Wideman is playing well, the rest of the Dawgs are playing well.

Everything is a team effort

Offensive and defensive efficiency is still key for the Bulldogs success this season as well. For a group that many thought were not going to be able to play together this season, they sure are. And doing a really good job at it.