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Georgetown’s Christmas List

What do the Hoyas want this holiday season?

NCAA Basketball: Providence at Georgetown Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In the words of Alvin and the Chipmunks, Christmas time is here and it’s time for toys and cheer.

As such, we’ve been attempting to gather Christmas lists for all the teams of the Big East Conference. Here now is my take on the list that the Georgetown Hoyas are seeking this season:


One thing that’s bogged down the Hoyas in recent years is a lack of consistency. They have routinely gone through stretches of ups and downs during conference season and with a record of 8-4, they can ill afford to do that this time around. They’re currently riding a six-game winning streak into conference play, so for now they seem to have dispelled that. Hopefully for their sake, it’s one of the presents that’s found underneath Georgetown’s tree.

Cooling Seats

It’s no secret that there’s been resentment in the Georgetown fanbase regarding their head coach John Thompson III. Well, if the Hoyas want to rid that, hopefully they receive some cooling seats so that JT3’s tempers down a peg or three. With wins tacked on as a stocking stuffer, Thompson should face less pressure and find himself with a much cooler ‘seat’ by season’s end.

Big wins to start conference season

Georgetown has opportunities at the start of Big East play to pick up big wins. And to their benefit, they both come at home. The Hoyas host Xavier and Butler on New Year’s Eve and January 7, and both the Musketeers and Bulldogs played exceptionally through nonconference play. If Georgetown can knock even one of those teams off, their profile goes up immediately.