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The Morning Fast Break (Nov. 8, 2016): Marquette vs. Wisconsin, soccer edition, and profiles galore

It’s Election Day, and we hope you exercise your civic duties today to go out and vote.

While we hold you over through the rest of this day, here are Big East reads for you this AM.

A rivalry renewed on the pitch (Anonymous Eagle)

Marquette will hit the road for their opening round match, but it won’t be a very long trip. They’ll be headed a little bit west to face the University of Wisconsin-Madison Badgers. This will be the first competitive match between Marquette and Wisconsin since the 2010 NCAA tournament, when the two teams went to a 2-2 draw, but Marquette advanced on penalty kicks.

You know the Bearcats (Banners on the Parkway)

What's the biggest game on the non-conference calendar for Xavier? Don't lie to me; you know the answer. Sure, Xavier will play good teams from actual major conferences, and sure, Xavier has dominated this matchup for the entire lives of your average freshman this year, but there's no denying that there's something special about the Crosstown Shootout.

Know more about Mulmore (Casual Hoya)

Jonathan Mulmore is a speedy point guard from Allegany College (Md.), where he put up a 26-4-6 line on 48 percent shooting last year. He loves to get to the rim and get fouled, shooting more free throws last year than any junior college player in the country and hitting 81 percent of them. But as exciting as those numbers look, there was concern about the big fish/small pond effect. Can he be a high-level Division 1 point guard?

We’ll learn to LoVett (Rumble in the Garden)

Marcus LoVett, a top-100 point guard known for his ballhandling, was ruled a partial academic qualifier last season, just under a year to this date. It was a huge blow to the Johnnies, who expected to have the six-foot point guard on the floor directing the all-new team of seldom-used reserves, raw freshmen and graduate transfers.

Darrrrryl, Darrrrryl (VU Hoops)

Reynolds wasn't the most highly-touted prospect in his high school years, but despite lacking some of the polish that other bigs might have had, Villanova was in need of some help in front and could spare the time to develop Reynolds' game. He appeared in 21 games in 2013-14, showing some value during limited minutes. That role grew into becoming a key back-up to Daniel Ochefu during the 2015-16 season.

Actually, we’re a wrestling and baseball blog

- Sami Zayn is going to Survivor Series, baby.

- And so are Alicia Fox and ‘The BO$$’.

- Your Rookie of the Year finalists ...

- And Cy Young finalists ...

- And MVP finalists.