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The Morning Fast Break (Nov. 7, 2016): Marquette blanked on the pitch, and Villanova excels in their exhibition

Welcome to the beginning of the week, BECB community! We’re on the inside track to the start of the college basketball season, and isn’t that just delightful to read? We’ve got a full slate of links to keep you occupied this morning. So let’s go forth and prosper.

Marquette gets shut out (Anonymous Eagle)

Because of a few draws during the regular season and a late season loss to DePaul, the Hoyas found themselves with the #3 seed in the conference tournament even though they’re rightfully one of the best teams in the country. The Hoyas took advantage of being able to play all three tournament matches at home due to Shaw Field being the predetermined host site for the tournament and carried the day against the Golden Eagles with relative ease to earn the Big East’s automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.

Conversin’ about Marquette (Rumble in the Garden)

The full third episode of the Rumble in the Garden podcast welcomes a discussion about Marquette for the discerning St. John's fan!

The Wildcats are well-earned contenders (SB Nation)

Villanova’s run was so thoroughly dominant and ended on such a picture-perfect note that it’s fair to wonder how any team could follow it. Arcidiacono is gone, as is interior anchor Daniel Ochefu, but many of last year’s critical cogs remain. Quietly, Villanova has won more games than any program in the country over the last three years.

‘Nova is lookin’ good (VU Hoops)

A lot of things looked good on Saturday at the Wells Fargo Center. Omari’s slick new suit, the brand new championship banners, even the Villanova Dancing Guy’s new clean cut look (no beard/shaved head/same hat), it all looked good. But the defending champions? They looked GREAT. Now yes, this was an exhibition against a DII school (although the Crimson Hawks are no joke), but the Wildcats dominated from start to finish.

Actually, we’re a wrestling and baseball blog

- Who’s been on the most PPVs in a row? The answer may surprise you!

- Hulk Hogan might come back to WWE for... some reason.

- A popular Mets outfielder is opting out. OH NO!

- The World Series champs were on SNL.