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Creighton wins exhibition 93-46

Marcus Foster leads all scorers with 13 points.

NCAA Basketball: DePaul at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Happy first game recap of the year!

There were a lot of things we learned tonight. The first thing I learned is that, no matter how much you want this game to count it just won’t.

The second thing I learned is that no matter how much a game doesn’t count, there’s going to be some jitters that will be worked out, cobwebs to be shaken from the rafters, gunshot wounds that still need time to heal.

Young players like Justin Patton and Kobe Paras still have a great deal to learn. Though their talent is apparent, the knowledge of how to properly play with the pace of college basketball is still foreign. You can practice all off season to prepare, but once you’re under the lights in front of a packed house, there’s going to be some growing pains.

The game itself was an exercise in relative futility for the Bluejay’s opponent in Wayne State. It was clear that, because of the size difference, it was going to be a long day. The skill far outweighed the size, and they were ultimately stomped thoroughly into the ground.

When Kobe Paras checked in for the first time, the crowd stirred and swelled. When he bricked a three, the crowd was empathetic. When he got a steal and score, the crowd nodded in approval. The hype behind the Filipino Prince was awarded with fanfare and excitement as he flushed the two handed jam.

The standout in the first half offensively was the play of Maurice Watson Jr., as he slashed and scored, dished and made beautiful transition plays. It was vintage Mo and I’d be damned you tried to explain him the futility of playing his heart out in an exhibition.

Something to look forward to as the season goes on is the possibility of Ronnie Harrell Jr. usurping the starting position of Cole Huff at the 4. Huff is still taking a bit of time returning from injury so his play remains at a 70-80% level which gives Harrell an opportunity to eat some of his minutes. It certainly doesn’t help that Harrell has been eating rebounds and making impressive acrobatic plays on put backs on the offensive glass - a stat that Creighton needs to improve on quite a bit.

Then this happened and it was beautiful:

It feels so good to watch college basketball again. There’s something magical about the game, with the orange ball and squeaky shoes. I dread the day when this sport is outlawed by bandits who hate the sport.

When the outlaws decide to ban the sport, the existence of underground hoops in the dark of night in a forest somewhere out west will be a necessity. With this illegal basketball there will come a day when a brave, young journalist will travel to these speakeasy hoop matches to cover the sport. When the journalist arrives he/she will be met with hostility; no one can find out about these events!

The journalist will probably be sent home by these bandit basketballers and eat some ramen and read a book before bed. He/she will then lay awake and ponder the mysteries of this underground basketball league. The curiosity will drive them to an early grave.