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The Morning Fast Break (Nov. 4, 2016): Georgetown Hoyas media day notes and Eric Paschall gets a profile

We’re back after a one day hiatus.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Georgetown Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies for the delays, but The Morning Fast Break is back.

Coming with us is Friday, the end of your work week, and we’re now one week away from college basketball starting. Seriously guys: The finish line is approaching. We’re almost there. Hang tight...

Let’s go around your favorite conference.

Something something, OC Sandy Cohen (Anonymous Eagle)

Usually we go with a bit of preamble about the player here, but Cohen presents an interesting case that kind of affects what expectations are for him, so let’s just jump right in here.....

Best not ew EWU, Xavier (Banners on the Parkway)

What is a cupcake? It is, distilled to its simplest form, simply a vessel for transferring icing from where it was to where it needs to be. It’s a cake, separated from the herd, to plucked and devoured without a great deal of thought. Empty calories. A snack. Almost useless for telling you much of anything, or doing anything to help you in the long run. Maybe, a break between healthy meals as you train for something serious down the road.

News & Notes from Hoyas Media Day (Casual Hoya)

Casual correspondents Ben Standig and Bobby Bancroft are at Georgetown’s annual media day, and below are some of the things you need to know.

From Fordham to ‘Nova goes Paschall (VU Hoops)

Last season Paschall was required to red-shirt his season after transferring to Villanova from Fordham University. While that meant he couldn't be on the court for Villanova's National Championship season, he absolutely contributed. Time and time again both players and coaches raved about how much better practices were with Paschall playing the role of the opposing team's best player.

Actually, we’re a wrestling and baseball blog

- The Undertaker’s coming back!

- Stephanie wants Rousey in WWE, because of course she does

- The Cubs won the $#@%ing World Series.