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Villanova vs. Charleston 2016 final score: Wildcats dust up Cougars 63-47

The Wildcats go into Thanksgiving 6-0.

NCAA Basketball: Charleston at Villanova Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Finishing up the last scheduled game of the Charleston Classic, Villanova reigned victorious against the College of Charleston, 63-47.

Starting without Kris Jenkins and facing the full-game absence of Phil Booth for their third consecutive game, the Wildcats remained decidedly undeterred with their lineup fluidity. Beginning the game with a forceful slam from the inside, redshirt sophomore guard Eric Paschall loudly foreshadowed his contribution to the game. With eight points, five rebounds, and three assists, Paschall was a clear playmaker for ‘Nova.

Charleston characterized its gameplay by taking their time when in possession of the ball, waiting to launch shots until the final seconds of the shot clock. The strategy didn’t prove to be highly fruitful—the Cougars reported making 35.2 percent of their field goals, compared to the Wildcats’ 43.8 percent. However, the Wildcats were not without shooting ineffectiveness themselves. When shooting 3s, Villanova was 5-17 (29.4 percent), only marginally better than Charleston’s 4-22 ratio (18.2 percent).

Ensuring the rebound seemed to be an equally noted theme for both teams, as Villanova totaled 35 and Charleston tallied 30. ‘Nova pulled ahead in securing defensive rebounds 26-21, signaling the added emphasis the Wildcats are placing on cementing defensive lines.

For ‘Nova, Jalen Brunson had a quiet first half, but Donte DiVincenzo was quick to pick up noise. Continuing to grab rebounds, and striking an impressive shot block in the second half, DiVincenzo highlighted his growing skill set against the Cougars. Josh Hart, named the MVP of the Charleston Classic, nailed his first double-double of the season, with 13 points and 11 rebounds. Kris Jenkins and his deep 3s weren’t too far behind on the scoreboard, scoring 11 points and two rebounds.