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Creighton obliterates Washington State 103-77 in Paradise Jam


NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports


Oh my the jubilation!

The 1941 team has finally been avenged as the Creighton Bluejays absolutely shellacked the Washington State Cougars.

It wasn’t pretty in the first half. Washington State couldn’t help but commit turnover after turnover on their own accord when they were able to get into some semblance of an offensive rhythm.

It’s really too bad for Washington State. They have a beautiful campus with an increasingly brilliant student population, but the product they put on the court couldn’t keep up with this Bluejay basketball squad in their loveliest of dreams.

Maurice Watson Jr., collected 10 assists by halftime. Cole Huff went absolutely bonkers during the first portion of the first half and finished the half with 13 points. The pure beauty of his three point shot was daunting with the bizarre ocean decals that adorned the gym walls in St. Thomas.

Marcus Foster did his damn thing, scoring 13 in the first half as well, with a 3-pointer from the continental United States. Justin Patton had some throwdown dunks that would devastate even the stingiest dictator.

All in all, it was a pretty typical first half for the Jays as they led 60-36.

The rest of the second half went a lot like the first half. Even with Creighton’s bench playing a great majority of the minutes, Wazzu didn’t have the horses to make up the deficit. Even worse, the deficit proceeded to get worse, as Creighton led by 30 points with 10 minutes remaining.

It was nice to see Kobe Paras get his first basket. It was equally as nice to see Davion Mintz get a bucket. Martin Krampelj nabbed a few boards and hit a trey and collected a few more buckets.

Hell, Jordan Scurry even sank a three. This was a picture perfect blowout of pretty predictable proportions. I’m going to save some words for that sweet match-up against NC State, so instead of giving you a run down on the rest of this boatrace I’m going to deliver a really bad poem.


Bluejays, o so blue

Why must you score the way you do

A fastbreak perchance? A three or two

I cannot help but watch you

Blowout Wazzu

I ate some chips and drank a beer

I hate it when you are no longer near

I miss your presence, your offense they fear

Beat NCState, for they are upper tier