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Arkansas State vs. Georgetown 2016 final score: What we learned from the Hoyas’ 78-72 loss

The word of the night is... inexcusable.

NCAA Basketball: 2K Classic-Duke vs Georgetown Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

So, that happened.

The Georgetown Hoyas, two nights after an epic collapse against the Maryland Terrapins, dropped one to the Arkansas State Red Wolves of the Sun Belt to the tune of 78-72.

The Hoyas did their damnedest to climb ahead in the late portion of the game. However, their mistakes at the start, plus the hole they dug themselves in during the first half, were far too great an obstacle for them to overcome. Georgetown is now 1-2 on the season after a pair of gutting losses, one far more excusable than the other.

And perhaps that’s saying something.

What we learned

L.J. Peak is the Hoyas’ best player

If anyone’s going to shoulder any blame for this loss, it probably shouldn’t be L.J. Peak. The junior forward was pivotal in the Hoyas’ futile rally in the late stages of the game. In total, Peak scored 18 points in the loss, shot 40 percent from the field and from the 3-point line, and was a perfect 8-for-8 from the free throw line. If there are any positives, it is probably that, and that Jessie Govan also played quite well, too.

The Hoyas were just flat

Georgetown got run from the get go by Arkansas State, which isn’t the most glistening of remarks. The Red Wolves were all over the Hoyas, scoring in bunches and cutting through their press attempts with relative ease. Georgetown could muster up nary a good look in the early goings, and fell behind by over 20 points at times during the first 20 minutes of the game. To do that to a team from the Sun Belt, and not even a team that’s fairly good either - they were ranked 274th on KenPom before the game and had a 2.0 percent chance of winning on KenPom also - is just inexcusable. The hangover was real for the Hoyas after that collapse on Tuesday night against Maryland, and unfortunately, the antidote hadn’t been passed around.

Georgetown may need to hit the reset button

The stats are all out there for you to read. The Hoyas’ records and performances over the last few years. This loss might be the tip of the iceberg on a list that is littered with red flags. The “Fire Thompson” chant by the fans in McDonough Arena would suggest that this thought is gaining quite a lot of traction as well.

It’s a wonder if this is going to happen of course. Mid-season firings don’t tend to do anything but leave things in disarray. Other factors, like the ones who are the decision makers at Georgetown, come into play as well. Perhaps if this derailment continues to trudge on during the regular season, then maybe this discussion will be too loud to bear anymore.

Your thoughts, Casual Hoya: