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The legend of Matt Szczur’s bat

Anthony Rizzo was struggling. Then he found some Villanova magic.

Atlanta Braves v Chicago Cubs Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Going into game 4 of the 2016 NLCS, Anthony Rizzo was in one heck of a funk. Rizzo was just 8-58 (.138) in his postseason career, including 2-28 in this postseason.

Going into his third at-bat of the night in Game 4. Rizzo made a change and decided to use teammate Matt Szczur’s bat. Rizzo promptly hit a home run. His next at-bat, he drove in a pair of runs with a single. Rizzo ended the night with another single.

Cool story, right?

It gets better.

In his first at-bat in Thursday’s Game 5, Rizzo doubled in Dexter Fowler to give the Cubs an early 1-0 lead. Guess which bat he was using.


Was it a case of Rizzo regressing to the hitter he is usually compared to the hitter he had been in the postseason? Or was it a case of Villanova magic? Szczur, of course, played football and baseball for the Wildcats.

The world may never know.