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Mid-Week Twitter Mailbag: Georgetown, Creighton, Ben Simmons, and more!

It's the slow part of the week, so we brought back a long-dormant series!

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Welcome to the first Twitter Mailbag of 2016!

Surprised? Can't say I blame you. A weekly staple of the offseason, the Mailbag has since been replaced by weekly Google Hangouts as the season has rolled on.

We haven't been able to do one of those hangouts in a couple weeks (curse you, holiday travel), so we decided the best way to connect with the audience was to bring these back.

Let's get down to business!

Robert O'Neill: This is a fitting place to start. By far the most popular Georgetown-related question we get is regarding the coaching status of John Thompson III.

This question, if nothing else, is a refreshing spin on the typical ones we get.

It's a fair question. Since Georgetown's Final Four in 2007, there's been no dearth of talent on the Hilltop. Do I think JT3 is a better recruiter than in-game coach? Sure. That could be said for a lot of coaches in the country though.

Frankly, I think JT3's problem has been luck, mostly. Since that Final Four in 2007, Georgetown has only missed the NCAA Tournament twice, so it's not like they're stringing together sub-.500 seasons. The Tournament is a single-elimination crapshoot. Georgetown, for the most part, have been seeded poorly, stuck with a bad matchup, or both. While JT3 should be held somewhat accountable, there are extenuating factors.

Christopher Novak: They'll both need to go on a run or two to get there. The best thing each can do is take advantage while they can while other teams may be down. For instance, right now. Butler stands at 1-2 i BIG EAST play and Marquette has evened them up in that department, while Creighton is 2-1. They both each have their work cut out for them but that's simply what it is: A need to take advantage in the spots that they have. So, I put it at realistic at this point, but not super likely or anything of the like.

Robert O'Neill: Mo Watson, and it's not particularly close. He's scored in double-digits in his last six games, and has seemingly gotten better with each game, capped off with a 27 point outburst against Georgetown on Tuesday night. He's also second in the Big East in assists right now at 6.2 per game, and his assist to turnover ratio is 2.41, which is in the top 5 in the conference.

Christopher Novak: Honestly? Probably. Dunn is obviously the overwhelming choice for No. 1. From there, you have an array of talented point guards. Tyler Lewis has been good, but somewhat inconsistent. Haanif Cheatham and Traci Carter are still getting their feet wet over at Marquette. I can never really tell who the point guard is at Villanova with both Ryan Arcidiacono and Jalen Brunson getting burn at the position. They're both obviously supremely talented. You have Isaiah Whitehead whose transition to being a point guard has gone smoothly. Then there's Edmond Sumner who has been a big surprise for X as a freshman, as well as the veteran in Billy Garrett Jr.

If you asked me to give me five, I'd say Dunn, DSR, Watson, whoever's out there for Villanova and either Sumner or Whitehead in no particular order. I wouldn't argue with you if you slotted DSR out for either of those two either. Point is: Watson is impressive, and most definitely not ranked eighth anymore.

Robert O'Neill: Not yet. The Wildcats have a 41 game (and counting) win streak at The Pavillon, so there doesn't seem to be much of a rush to build a new place.

If they ever do, though, I hope they follow the plan from this brilliant FanPost on VUHoops a couple years back.

Christopher Novak: New London, Connecticut's Kris Dunn, imo. But only if Henry Ellenson's not there to block a shot.

Too soon?

Christopher Novak: Absolutely.