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Creighton bests Georgetown 79-66

Mo Watson Jr.'s 27 points pushes the Bluejays to 2-1 in conference play.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

I remember waking up yesterday morning to my alarm and dreading the thought of rolling out of bed and preparing for the day ahead. I recall looking up at the ceiling and knowing that any move I made to leave my chamber of warmth would ultimately take away any semblance of comfort I had attained in the hours prior. You've probably been there, especially if you have to exist in the frigid air of a Midwest winter.Thoughts swirled of a 20mph wind gust hammering away at my soul and leaving me to question whether this climate was even worth living in.

I pondered what it'd be like to have a winterless life, where every day of the year was about the same as the day before it. My alarm buzzed again, reminding me of my mortal obligation to earn American currency by the hour in order to continue living in a domicile. Eventually I rose to the occasion and prepared myself to take in the day.

Then I realized that life wouldn't be as worthwhile living in a tropical paradise. You're probably thinking, "You're insane, please tell us about the basketball game from last night, that's what you're supposed to be writing about you jackwagon." I'll get to that - don't worry. My point is, is that when you live in a place where you cannot complain about the weather being awful, then you begin complaining about things that can tear apart relationships. The beauty of enduring the frigid air is that everyone has to suffer through it, not just you.

Georgetown can relate to this. After a few losses to teams they shouldn't have lost to, they busted into conference play with two consecutive wins, looking like the team everyone believed they'd be. With a bit of experience and a whole lot of very talented athletes bolstering their roster, it'd seem foolish to count them out of contention in the BIG EAST conference due to their out of conference record. They stepped foot inside of the CenturyLink Center hoping to steal a road win and return home safely to ride out a couple of (presumably) easy victories against DePaul and St. John's. Instead they became anti-Georgetown, relying on the three to keep the game close and turning the ball over at key moments of the game.

There was a certain point in last night's ballgame that turned the tide completely. Creighton proceeded to miss three consecutive shots, collecting the offensive rebound on each, and eventually had the ball roll out of bounds off a Georgetown player. With ten minutes remaining and Creighton down by three, Mo Watson hit a jumper to pull within a point. Creighton then went on a 8-0 run and Georgetown wouldn't cut the lead to less than 3 for the rest of the game. Isaiah Zierden played phenomenal defense, causing two turnovers in the final 3 minutes of play which inevitably sent Watson to the free throw line to ice the game for the Bluejays.

The Bluejays were able to bounce back in incredible fashion after their loss to Villanova. Georgetown was unable to handle the newfound defensive pressures that Creighton offered up, turning the ball over 15 times and allowing the Bluejays to cash in 25 points off of them. John Thompson gave a relatively short press conference after the game, noting that Mo Watson controlled the match from the get-go, as his night was nearly mistake free (4 assists, 3 turnovers). It was the offensive outburst from Watson that caught the Hoyas off guard, as he scored 27 points and went 2-3 from three and 9-13 from the field. It was a special performance by a player who most certainly deserved it.

I'll most likely wake up tomorrow in the same way I woke up yesterday; dreading the thought of battling the cold, dead winter. Mo Watson, D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera, John Thompson and Clarence Armstrong - a referee in tonight's game- will do the same as well. We'll all get to complain about it, together.

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