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Halftime Notes: Georgetown 36 Creighton 38

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

First half observations and things I noted:

- I'm writing this entire thing on a touchscreen because I'm an idiot and forgot my keyboard.

- Creighton's much maligned defense appears to have improved, or Georgetown's offense isn't all that great.

- James Milliken is carrying the Bluejays thus far coming off the bench for Khyri Thomas.

- D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera isn't as impressive as I thought he'd be, but he could be saving it for the second half.

- I'd say the crowd is about 93% full tonight.

- Terrance 'Bud' Crawford is in attendance tonight - he's a champion lightweight boxer from Omaha.

- Georgetown managed to rack up the fouls, which proved to be an effective measure since Creighton can't hit freethrows (sortof, they went 5-7 from the line)

- Georgetown had spurts of scoring, managing a pretty good run halfway through the first half.

- Jessie Govan looked pretty good out there for Georgetown.