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Game Guide: Georgetown at Creighton - Game Time, TV, Radio, Odds & More

The Hoyas of Georgetown bring their undefeated Big East record into Omaha as they face the Bluejays of Creighton.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

How to Watch, Listen, Stream

Gametime: 8:15pm CT

Location: CenturyLink Center - Omaha, NE


Radio: 1620AM the Zone in Omaha / 99.1FM WNEW in DC

Stream: FoxSportsGo (where available)

Stats: StatBroadcast

Odds & Ends

Creighton is favored by 3 points over Georgetown.

Over/Under: 153.5

Moneyline: Creighton is currently at -156 while Georgetown is at +130

BIG EAST Coverage

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Georgetown Coverage

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Creighton Coverage

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Verba de Ludis

When I was in middle school I had a math teacher who was a huge Georgetown fan. Whenever we'd have a free day to just dink around in between lessons he'd pop in a VHS he had about the golden years of Hoya basketball. He'd wax nostalgic about the games against Syracuse and the eventual rise of the Hoya program to a national powerhouse, with John Thompson leading the way. He'd gush for eternity about Patrick Ewing being the son of God. He'd wear a Georgetown sweatshirt on casual Fridays and was just a huge nut about the Hoya basketball squad. When March Madness would roll around the entire lesson plan would be ditched in favor of watching hoops all day. I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, this guy absolutely hated my guts. I never spoke up or made a scene in his classroom, I usually sat in the back and doodled in a notebook or wrote notes to no one in particular, so I didn't really do anything to get on this guy's bad side, but it didn't matter. This guy just had it out for me.

When Creighton joined the BIG EAST, I thought about this guy. I thought about the joyous moment he experienced when he realized that he'd be able to see the Hoyas, live and in person, in his hometown. I felt happy for him.

Georgetown comes to Omaha with an undefeated conference record and a new purpose in this young basketball season. They dismantled DePaul - which, I suppose isn't really a notable occurance - and put Marquette's come back push into a grave a little deeper than 6 feet. Georgetown is a middling heavy weight boxer that's trying to get in their groove. They lost to the sideline dance party that is Monmouth, to Radford in double-OT in their first game of the year, to Duke and Maryland (understandable, both teams are very good), and to UNC-Asheville (ok not good).

They don't blow you away on offense and their defense has been pretty 'meh' so far this year. D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera is an excellent basketball player, but seems to have a few issues with finding his head and ends up doing nonsensical things (it's OK, I can relate). Isacc Copeland is but just a sophomore, a young man just beginning to look over the horizon on all the beauty that life delivers, yet is quite good at his craft. Bradley Hayes is the Hoya's 7-footer who will bang around down low with the best of 'em while L.J Peak has a great name.

Creighton is lovely but troubled, like a French girl in a bodega in Manhattan. The French girl knows she can do better than the giant jug of Carlo Rossi wine that's covered in dust on the back shelf, but she doesn't quite know where she's at or where she's going, or how to get anything better. Creighton has incredibly talented players who happen to be supremely skilled on offense, yet these same players are quite foreign to the steps that it takes to play superior defense. I've heard it over and over again this year, "We practice it in drills, it works in practice, but when it comes to gametime it doesn't show up," and it allows you to realize that these guys aren't built to keep the opposing team from scoring points, but that they're there to score so many points that the opposing team has no chance. Against North Texas this works. Against Villanova it does not.

If Creighton wants to make a statement, they must win games like the one tonight. They mustn't fold against superior athletes who play middling basketball - they must out skill them, out score them and knock 'em out with the tools they wield with a master's touch. They must allow defensive playmakers like Isaiah Zierden and Khyri Thomas to stop an athletic team in transition using their intelligence and savvy to pick away at passing lanes. They must utilize guys like Cole Huff and Geoffrey Groselle to man the middle and stop players from scoring on baseline drives. They must take Maurice Watson's speed and allow him to navigate through ball screens to stop the incredibly talented point guards in the BIG EAST. They must, or they will not be allowed to dance.