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Game Guide: Seton Hall v Creighton - Game Time, TV, Radio, Odds & More

Seton Hall didn't seem like themselves when they hosted Creighton in the first meeting of these teams earlier in the season. Since then, the Pirates have attempted to right their ship while Creighton broke some hearts.

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How to Watch, Listen, Stream

Gametime: 8:00pm ET / 7:00pm CT

Location: CenturyLink Center, Omaha, NE


CHANNEL LISTING: Courtesy of Creighton MBB's Twitter account here's a look at where you can find the game:

Radio: 1620AM the Zone in Omaha / 970AM in South Orange

Stream: FoxSportsGo (where available - cable subscription required)

Odds & Ends

Creighton begins the day as a 5 point favorite according to OddsShark.

Over/Under: 150.5

Moneyline: Creighton starts at -208 while Seton Hall is at +170


Creighton won the January 9th tilt against Seton Hall 82-67. You might be looking at that final score and think, "Oh wow it appears as if the Bluejays blew out the Pirates, no need to watch this one, I already know the outcome!" Well, you're being pretty obtuse for thinking such a dreadful thought considering we've learned that in the BIG EAST Conference that no team is safe on any given night. Also, the final score is a bit misleading as Isaiah Whitehead, Desi Rodriguez, and Angel Delgado played a total of 14 minutes in the second half, with Delgado and Rodriguez playing 3 & 4 minutes apiece. Both were benched because of... well... reasons. After the game, Derrick Gordon called a players-only team meeting with the intention of not allowing this season to become a volatile pit of suckitude. Here's a transcript I received from an anonymous source of what Gordon said in the meeting:

"Hey guys, just wanted to say that we're definitely better at playing the hoop game than what we showed tonight, so let's just go and beat Providence at Providence because that's our next game."

(All players in unison) "Okie dokie."

For the Bluejays, it was the Watson-Groselle show, as Mo dropped 14 dimes and created 13 points of his own while Groselle torched the paint to the tune of 20 points on 7-8 shooting. The Jays out paced the Pirates pretty well, gaining an 8 point lead at half and never relinquishing it. It looked like a corner-turning performance for the Jays, who were a 3-point underdog, yet much like the Pirates they had Providence looming in their next matchup.

Two heart breaking losses in the next four games left a whole lot to be desired of the Bluejays as they were beaten by a last-second buzzer beater by the glorious hands of Kris Dunn and relinquished an 11-point lead to the Hoyas of Georgetown in the final two minutes to cap one of the worst officiated games of the year.

Seton Hall, on the other hand, was faced with Villanova and Xavier after their huge win against Providence. The Pirates nearly knocked off the Wildcats before Ryan Arcidiacono sliced to the bucket for a layup in the waning moments, leaving Seton Hall on the losing end 72-71. They nearly knocked off Xavier until James Farr and Edmond Sumner took control and built a commanding lead, dropping the Pirates 84-76.

The two teams enter the CenturyLink Center with records of 14-7 and 5-3 in conference for the Jays and 14-6 and 4-4 in conference for the Pirates.

Verba de Ludis

In life, it's almost certain that you'll face some sort of adversity. There are very few that will skate by relatively free of the damning pressures and judgments of others; coasting through with an aura of carefree ease without the burden of being subject to outside forces. There are others who are able to take on the adversarial natures of society and continue to persevere through them, strengthening their will to pursue success. There are some that crumble under the societal pressures that are present in their daily lives, succumbing to the downtrodden path they believe they're destined to pursue, beating themselves up on the way thinking that success doesn't exist in their deck of cards. Then, there are those who once believed that they had no shot at achieving any semblance of success and resurrected themselves from the lowest of life's cellars, fought through the adversity and doubt, only to become greater than they'd ever imagined.

Both Seton Hall and Creighton have had daunting moments of doubt throughout this college basketball season, fighting to earn the spots within the middle of the conference after overcoming heartbreaking defeats. They've both weathered vicious storms, whether it be late in a game or within the locker room, both of these teams have shown tremendous character in the face of adversity. It all comes to a head on a surprisingly mild Saturday night in Omaha, Nebraska, where the host team's fans will be recognizing the trials and tribulations of those who suffered through a disease that seemingly cannot be corralled. What has become an annual tradition in Omaha - a pink-out to recognize the victims and survivors of breast cancer - a basketball game will take a backseat while we ponder an issue that's been in our national lexicon for far too long.

It seems apt that these two college basketball teams will be playing one another today. Seton Hall struggles with a narrative that their team chemistry is poisonous, that they cannot control themselves, that Coach Willard has to deal with a volatile relationship between his players and himself, that the egos of the players seem to be a prevalent force that drives a negative atmosphere. Creighton struggles with a narrative that the team cannot shut the door in close games against good teams, that the one thing stopping them from achieving success is themselves, that they don't possess a mental fortitude to win games while the clock dwindles down, that Coach McDermott cannot properly plan in big games. On a day like today, though, none of that matters. The one thing that matters is that we've got each other, that no matter what path we take that we'll always have one another's back. No matter the obstacles we're faced with, just know that you always have success in your cards, that you always have the potential to be your best self as long as you stay steadfast through the ups and downs that life offers. We can overcome anything, even if we've got to fight the pressures and powers that be to get it done.

Here's your song of the day, brought to you by Killer Mike, titled 'Willie Burke Sherwood.'