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Halftime Notes: Providence 18 - Creighton 25

Life is strange, embrace it.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The first ten minutes of this game were exactly what you wouldn't expect. Creighton built a 10 point lead early, thanks to 3 three pointers by Toby Hegner, some delectable ball movement and the ability to lock down on potential POTY candidate in Kris Dunn. Not only that, the Jays were able to shut down Ben Bentil and force him into 3 point shots - not his specialty, but he can do it - and forced the Friars into scoreless possession after scoreless possession until they finally cashed in with a ridiculous Kris Dunn layup at the 14 minute mark.

From then on the score sort of stagnated, both teams being forced into turnovers or quick shots. There was a point in time where Creighton had an opportunity to cash in after getting multiple offensive rebounds, leading to two Mo Watson foul shots, where he made both. Ryan Fazekas answered with a three for the Friars, which is where the game sort of sputtered to a bizarre halt. Dunn had a clear lane to the basket on a fast break yet decided to veer into an oncoming Isaiah Zierden, who was able to draw the offensive foul.

For the last three minutes both teams traded baskets and continued to play this ultra-bizarro style of basketball. It was as if each team was trying their damnedest to make the game as difficult as possible.

Perhaps Providence truly does run through their coach? Perhaps when he isn't well, the team isn't well?

Anyways, this was not a great half of basketball.

Here's some halftime leaders:


Rebounds: Watson - 7

Assists: Watson & Zierden - 3

Points: Hegner - 9


Rebounds: Bentil & Lindsey - 5

Assists: Cartwright - 2

Points: Bentil - 5