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What channel is TruTV? Here's a helpful guide!

The question college basketball fans have every single March is answered in this post!

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Every year, the third week/weekend of March brings us a tradition like any other.

I know what you're thinking, "I thought that was the second weekend of April!". No. It's not. The true tradition unlike any other is people seeing their college basketball team has an NCAA Tournament game scheduled on TruTV, and then immediately scouring the internet to find out what channel TruTV is.

Scour no further, for this post has all the information you need!

Provider Channel (SD/HD)
AT&T U-Verse 164/1164
DISH Network 242/9430
DirecTV 246
Verizon Fios 183/683

Was your provider not listed above? Fear not! Those are just the providers that have the same channel lineup nationwide. Below are some more providers that have differing lineups depending on your location, and links to where you can find the channel locator.




Time Warner

If you're in Cincinnati, there's a chance you don't have any of the above providers, and instead have Cincinnati Bell Fioptics. If that's the case, below is your channel guide.

This should cover all bases. If you have a cable provider that: isn't listed AND you know a lot of other BIG EAST fans may have, leave it in the comments so it can be included, please!

PS: The fine folks at TruTV wanted us to be sure to include their nifty website and channel finder, so you can find that below.