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Big East Coast Bias Twitter Mailbag #2 - The Sequel

We're back for another week with a fresh set of questions!

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Welcome back to the BECB Twitter Mailbag! We had so much fun last week we decided to do it again. Let's get going.

Robert O'Neill: Can we still say Andrew Chrabascz? I know it's hard to say a guy who started all last year can have a "breakout year", but if you look at how Butler played last year with him in the lineup compared to when he had his broken hand, the difference was night and day. Of course, Chrabascz won't break out in terms of scoring, because he's the third option offensively behind Kellen Dunham and Roosevelt Jones, but I could certainly see his defensive numbers climbing now that Kameron Woods is gone.

Christopher Novak: Gimme Kelan Martin. The freshman forward was good in spots last season when asked and I suspect that trend will continue in the 2015-16 season. With Kam Woods' departure, as Rob mentioned, there will be spots to be filled here with and I suspect that Martin, Chrabascz and Austin Etherington who still has a year of eligibility left will be part of a developed rotation of forwards that should prove to be very effective when asked to be.

Robert O'Neill: Georgetown. I wouldn't say it's particularly close either. At Maryland, two of Wisconsin/Duke/VCU at MSG, and at UConn.

Christopher Novak: Georgetown certainly has the big names with Maryland, Wisconsin, Duke or VCU, Syracuse and Connecticut as well as a Charlotte team that should be pretty good. Marquette's will prove to be intriguing as well with matchups against LSU, Wisconsin, NC State or Arizona State. And another team that will be testing themselves this season is Villanova who will face Stanford, Arkansas or Georgia Tech, Oklahoma and will travel to Charlottesville to take on the juggernaut Virginia Cavaliers. It's tough, but I lean to the Hoyas with 'Nova checking in second.

Robert O'Neill: It's so tough to judge recruits anytime, let alone when they've only played three years in high school. I want to say yes, though. Joey Brunk is a guy Chris Holtmann is going to thrive with, and vice versa, Howard Washington and Kamar Baldwin have a very similar skill-set, and Henry Baddley is on the rise.

Christopher Novak: Jury's out, but the potential is certainly there to make headway. We'll see how it is.

Robert O'Neill: Villanova/Georgetown remains the torchbearer for me, but Butler/Xavier has been fun, and will continue to be fun. The double round robin definitely helps. I've been a proponent of the Big East going to 12 or 14 in the past,  but I have to admit i'd miss the double round robin.

Christopher Novak: Butler-Xavier gets my vote, much like my colleague said.

Robert O'Neill: Villanova/Providence. Kris Dunn vs. Jalen Brunson. If the Big East is smart, that will be the primetime game in the New Year's Eve Tip-Off.

Christopher Novak: I'll lean elsewhere and say that I'm very much looking forward to Marquette-Villanova. Although Providence has the best player in the conference in Kris Dunn, the Golden Eagles will be very fun to watch with their freshmen class and with Villanova being the best team in the Big East, it will provide a nice litmus test for them. Plus, Henry Ellenson and Jalen Brunson being on the floor will have me directing all of my attention there.