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The Fast Break: July 20, 2015

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Providence to open Wooden Legacy against Evansville -

Jon Rothstein of is reporting that the first round matchups for the 2015 Wooden Legacy tournament have been set. The Friars will open against Evansville of the Missouri Valley Conference with the other first round matchups — to be held at Titan Gym on the campus of Long Beach State — are Arizona vs. Santa Clara, Boise State vs. UC Irvine and Michigan State vs. Boston College.

Guns vs. Butter: Did the Villanova Board of Trustees Get It Right? - VU Hoops

I remember my first Macroeconomics class in September of my freshman year. Harvard-trained Dr. Thomas Cleaver delivered a stirring lecture on the Production Possibility Curve using the classic economics case study of ‘guns vs. butter.' As Dr. Cleaver patiently explained to 30 squirming freshmen, in a theoretical economy operating at full capacity that produces only two goods - guns and butter, a choice must be made regarding how much of each good should be produced. We learned that if the economy produces more guns, it must reduce its production of butter, and vice versa.


(Do I really need to post what's said? Go watch the video!)

Can Xavier be ranked with a good Thanksgiving? - Banners on the Parkway

Obviously this isn't going to be a scientifically backed study, seeing as we're in the middle of July and zero games have been played. One of our Facebook friends (you guy know we have a Facebook page, right?) asked if I thought Xavier could be ranked with a good weekend in Orlando, specifically one that entailed knocking off Alabama and Wichita State. I've got nothing but time, so let's cipher through this. I'll start with some factors that I think will influence the voters.

Kenner League Recap: July 19, 2015 - Casual Hoya

Here is the recap of Sunday's Kenner League action! Peak, DSR, White, Hayes, Derrickson: did not play today. White still on the bench with the ankle. Marcus on the bench with ice on his leg/groin. DSR was in the gym late in the day. Hayes has a cast on his right wrist/hand. A lot of injuries this summer!

MU at the Vegas Summer League Recap: 7/20/15 - Anonymous Eagle

Let's get up to speed on what the former Marquette basketball players were up to over the weekend out in Las Vegas, shall we?