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The Fast Break: July 19, 2015

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

PC's Tanev flashes pro speed at development camp - Providence Journal

Providence College senior Brandon Tanev will go as far in pro hockey as his legs can take him. Tanev's terrific wheels are the main reason he was invited to the Boston Bruins development camp, where he was one of the fastest skaters among the 33 non-goalies on the ice at the Ristuccia Arena this week. And if he is to advance to the next level after his final season this winter at PC, his skating will be a major factor. "He's a real strong forechecker for Providence [College]. Teams that they play against understand that. He gets on people in a hurry, disrupts on the forecheck. He hounds pucks,'' said John Ferguson Jr., Boston's assistant general manager.

Creighton offers a 2018 guard from Illinois - Big East Coast Bias

Finke has recently been on a streak of offers. On June 20th, UIC sent him a scholarship offer and several weeks later on July 9, Illinois did as well. DePaul did the same last Sunday, and now Creighton has joined their fellow Big East mate in pursuing the native of Champaign, Illinois. Finke joins Javonte Smart has 2018 shooting guards that CU has offered.

Xavier's recruiting reflects the roster's limitations - Banners on the Parkway

It's difficult to break out of a system without a guy who can just flat-out go get buckets, and Xavier didn't have that down the stretch last year. Myles Davis did his best at times, but that was asking him to step out of his skill set last season. I love good, open system basketball, but we missed having someone like Tu or Semaj who could grab the game by the throat (though it could rightly be pointed out that both of them ended their Xavier careers unable to bring a tournament game back from the edge).

Kenner League Recap: July 18, 2015 - Casual Hoya

Patrick Ewing Jr. was again helping to coach Clyde's and tombs, acting pretty much as head coach. At one point he got called for two Ts. the ref seemed to want to throw him out of the gym. But John Thompson Jr. ambled over to the sidelines from his usual seat against the wall behind the far basket, had a word with Patrick and the ref, and Pat remain on the bench (though noticeably quieter/calmer for the rest of the game). Good to see Big John is still able to work the refs!

Marquette Basketball's Non-Conference Schedule: Did Wojo Learn This From Coach K? - Anonymous Eagle

We've spent a bit of time recently hashing out exactly what's wrong about the Marquette basketball non-conference schedule over the past week or so. The obviously short version is that it's loaded with seven teams in the bottom 40 of last year's final rankings, and that has the potential to send MU's RPI into a tailspin. That's a problem both for a Marquette squad that has their eyes on the NCAA tournament - multiple players tweeted about the Final Four in Houston in 2016 right after Duke won the title in 2015 - as well as a Big East conference that could use all the help it can get in building their national brand.