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NBA Draft 2015: Potential Landing Spots for Dee Davis

On zero Mock Drafts. Check. Had zero NBA workouts. Check. Is there any chance at all the barely 6-foot tall former Xavier point guard has a shot at the NBA? Maybe.

Dee looking to make a play.
Dee looking to make a play.
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

What is one thing that Dee Davis and I have in common? Both of us have no chance on hearing our names called at the NBA Draft, nor have we been brought in by a team for a pre-draft workout. Also, at least from what a quick Google search tells me, both of us have not been (at least yet) linked to anything NBA-related whatsoever. I figure Dee still has a better shot at the league than myself, since he is coming off a solid senior year for a Musketeers squad that made the Sweet Sixteen.

Anyway, we can always dream a little. Most NBA franchises probably know little about the undersized point guard from Xavier. However, once they get to know him a little better, they will see that Dee Davis has a lot to offer on the table. Including a handy supply of dimes whenever he is around.

Philadelphia 76ers

If there is one team Dee has a chance at getting a summer league bid with, it is with the Sixers. Last year, their team was made up of mostly undrafted free agents, who had little business playing in the best basketball league in the world. Due to their lousy point guard situation, and need for a traditional point guard to run the show, Dee could be a good fit.

New York Knicks

No need for the 76ers to be embarrassed at calling their product on the floor last year "pro basketball", Since the Knicks had them beat by one more loss. For some reason, the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference reeks of at least two bad teams per year. This year it was especially bad, as both the Knicks and Sixers finished with the number 2 and 3 worst records in the NBA. Behind, of course, the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves.

Dee is the kind of point guard Phil Jackson does not want, but he knows he needs. What better point guard is their to run the show for the New York Knicks? Davis would be a perfect fit in Phil's triangle offense and would be playing under a former incredible, and similar in stature, point guard in Derek Fisher. Plus he has played several times at The Garden already. What more needs to be said?

Indianapolis Pacers

Dee Davis is an Indiana kid. He was born and raised in Larry Bird's home state, and comes from Bloomington, the same town the Hoosiers call home. The Pacers could use a solid second or third string point guard, with intangibles no coach could teach. All of us saw the Pacers give up in the playoffs in 2014, so they could use a guy with a bigger heart then most.

Plus, David West is thinking about retirement. If the big man hangs up the sneaks, Xavier will have no player currently in the NBA. What better way to bid farewell to West, than by replacing him with a Xavier alum?