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NBA Draft 2015: Joshua Smith's possible landing spots

Josh Smith, former Georgetown center, has a few potential landing spots following Thursday's NBA Draft.

Smith looks to translate his offensive style to the NBA.
Smith looks to translate his offensive style to the NBA.
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Josh Smith, Georgetown center and potential NBA draftee, may not be selected in Thursday’s NBA Draft.

As a fifth-year senior and standing at a sizable weight, teams may be scared away by his work ethic and room to grow.

That does not deny the fact that he will be signed and will ultimately play for a team in the future. As an undrafted free agent, Smith will assuredly be given the chance to perform in the NBA.

Here's where I think he has the chance to land:

Los Angeles Lakers

As a native of the west coast and an attendee of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Smith has lived the majority of his life on the coast near where purple and gold have dominated prior to the past few years. Smith, who admittedly did not transfer from UCLA due to his fit with the city, has lived in and knows Los Angeles well.

Along with his ability to make a home, the Lakers have little to no depth at center.

With Jordan Hill most likely not resigning and Tarik Black not making a true impact in his first year, Los Angeles could welcome an offensively talented center like Smith. If he is able to work his way into shape and polish some of the rough edges in his offensive game, he could be a key contributor to Byron Scott’s Lakers.

Portland Trail Blazers

Smith, a northwest native, would be right at home with the team closest to his hometown. Chris Kaman is only getting older and Robin Lopez is almost sure to leave the northwest for greener pastures. With Meyers Leonard most likely securing the paint for the foreseeable future along with LaMarcus Aldridge or his replacement, the Trail Blazers lack true depth with size. Smith would not need to contribute immediately, because Kaman should still contribute for a few years.

Once he works his way into NBA shape and adjusts his style, Smith could become a quality backup big for Portland. His offensive ability would provide a nice break for the rebounding and defensive favored Leonard, plus, his Smith would be given the opportunity to shine with a talented roster around him. Smith can only be homesick after living on the east coast for a few years; going back home may be just what he needs.