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NBA Draft 2015: Matt Carlino's Possible Landing Spots

Following his short time at Marquette, the sharpshooter will look to find work in the NBA

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Although Matt Carlino's time at Marquette was short. It was memorable. Like that time he had eight threes against Georgia Tech. Or that time he had eight threes against Seton Hall in the Big East Tournament. Carlino is a three-point specialist, and thanks to Kyle Korver, guys like that can find work in the NBA! Here are two potential spots where Carlino could find himself next season.

Milwaukee Bucks

Hey, this would be nice for Carlino. He wouldn't even need to move out of his current house! The Bucks hosted him for a workout in early June. Both parties seem to have interest, and you have to think that for a young guard, learning from Bucks coach and future hall-of-famer Jason Kidd is definitely appealing.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers are another intriguing destination for Carlino in that he'd be an immediate upgrade over almost their entire bench. The Clippers had Carlino (and St. John's guard Phil Greene) in for a workout a couple weeks back. This might be Carlino's most preferred destination if he wants a mix of a good team, plus getting some decent playing time. Similar to Milwaukee, the Clippers have a great coach who Carlino could learn a lot from in Doc Rivers.

There hasn't been a ton of buzz on Carlino, but as I said above, Kyle Korver has opened the door for three-point specialists. Any team with a spot on the bench would welcome the sharpshooter. He's worth, at the very least, a look in the Summer League.