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NBA Draft 2015: Jabril Trawick's possible landing spots

He may not be high on the mock drafts swirling around the Internet, or even on them for that matter, but the 6-foot-5 Philadelphia native has still received interest from some NBA squads.

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Working out with NBA teams is a tried and true tradition in the weeks and months leading up to the NBA Draft. Jabril Trawick has certainly gotten plenty of eye balls on him, from scouts to NBA front office folks and coaches. He has worked out for six teams leading up to Thursday's draft. While just working out with a squad certainly doesn't guarantee being selected or signed as an undrafted free agent, it gives an indication of the places Trawick could end up.

Indiana Pacers

Trawick got a chance to show his stuff in front of Larry Bird and the Pacers staff at the end of May. He made the trip to Indianapolis with fellow Hoyas Greg Whittington and also got some pointers from former Hoya and Indiana center Roy Hibbert.

Last season, without Paul George, the Pacers really struggled. They tried throwing whatever they could at the wall at small forward, but found little to no success, although Solomon Hill showed real promise. Trawick is not likely to provide much offensive punch, something Indiana desperately needs, but he fits its defense-first mentality and could be a Tony Allen-like stopper off the bench if he develops quickly.

Minnesota Timberwolves

With a star like Andrew Wiggins on the wings, the T-Wolves have a star, but they need to fill out the roster with talented players, who will fill specific roles, to really make a jump from the 16-66 finish from a year ago. Trawick would certainly be interested in being one of the pieces they need. Zach LaVine, Chase Budinger, Kevin Martin, Shabazz Muhammad and others make for a crowded group of wings, so it is unclear if there would even be room for Trawick.

Houston Rockets

This would certainly be a fun place to start a professional career. The Rockets have won at least 50 wins in each of the last two seasons and made it all the way to the Western Conference Finals this spring. Getting a chance to forge yourself in the fires of playoff contention right away could do wonders for Trawick, who definitely has the competitive drive and the experience of playing in meaningful games in college.

Toronto Raptors

Like the Rockets, the Raptors are on the rise. They won 49 games last season, following a 48-win campaign the year before. Working with DeMar DeRozan and Terrence Ross could be interesting for Trawick, as could being on the same side of the floor as Kyle Lowry, a former Villanova Wildcat. The Raptors also rely on shooting the 3-point shot quite a bit, ranking ninth in attempts last season. That is good news, considering distance shooting is an area Trawick has worked and improved on during his college years.

Brooklyn Nets

Trawick found out where Brooklyn's at with teammate Josh Smith, as both Hoyas worked out with the Nets on June 18. Brooklyn works at a slow and methodical pace, which is something Trawick is used to from his years with Georgetown. The Nets ranked 24th in the NBA in pace last season (92.7) and only scored 98 points per game. Trawick could get playing time right away, as the roster is rather old and not exactly stuffed with talent on the wings, outside of Bojan Bogdanovic and Joe Johnson.

Detroit Pistons

Trawick worked out with the Pistons just two days after he spent time with the Nets. He got to play with some top level prospects in the workout, as Michigan State's Branden Dawson, Duke's Justise Winslow and Iowa State Bryce Dejean-Jones were in attendance as well. The Pistons are another offensively slow and challenged group, ranking 22nd in pace last season (92.8). There is perhaps the greatest opportunity for playing time for this team, which has some excellent big men, but not a ton of skill at the two and three spots, both positions Trawick can play.

Tune in for the NBA Draft on Thursday to find out where Trawick does or does not go, along with the rest of the prospects from the Big East.